Wiper technology evolves with the Silecio Hblade

Wiper technology evolves with the Silecio Hblade

The Silencio HBladeValeo, one of the leading automotive component suppliers for the independent aftermarket, has launched its Silencio® HBlade®, an innovative new wiper blade combining elements of both conventional and Flat Blade technology.

The Silencio® HBlade®, with its distinctive design, is becoming a particularly popular choice for vehicle manufacturers whose models are based on Asian and Japanese platforms, although this new technology is also becoming present with European manufacturers.

The Silencio® HBlade® has the bow structure of a conventional blade, combined with a covering structure similar to the look of a Flat Blade and is made using high-quality rubber blade with a specific coating to provide a smooth and silent wipe.  The spoiler that covers the entire length of the blade creates an anti-wind-lift shape, reducing air resistance to enhance the technology’s overall aerodynamic performance.

This specific design is now available in 4 Silencio® Performance kits that cover 24 different vehicle models (for Mazda 6, Toyota Auris, Vauxhall Insignia andPeugeot 4007, for example). The Silencio HBlade® range will be extended with the latest vehicles that are equipped with HBlade® technology in OE during 2013.

The HBlade® completes the Silencio® portfolio of OE technologies, meaning you can now offer a like for like replacement across all technologies – conventional, Flat Blade and hybrid blade.

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