TPMS for less

TPMS for less

SKT 170 as a retro-fit TPMS photo Celsus, UK distributors for Paser, have launched SKT 170 as a retro-fit TPMS solution to bring the benefits of TPMS to motorists without factory-fit systems.

SKT 170 is small but perfectly formed. It requires simple plug in electrical fit behind the audio head unit. It’s then calibrated in just minutes from tyre pressures and a road test. The patent pending interface continuously monitors CAN bus rolling radius data and issues warnings if problems are detected.

“As there are no costly tyre sensors SKT 170 is reliable and very price competitive”, said Mark Baker, Celsus Marketing Director. “Drivers seeking the safety and economy benefits of TPMS for current vehicles now have an off the shelf solution.”

SKT 170 can be configured. Audible alerts, which are available for not only low pressures but also tyre wear and even excess speed, can be turned on or off easily using the vehicle’s existing audio controls. SKT 170 comprises a universal control box interface and vehicle manufacturer specific harnesses to offer a plug and play solution for a range of popular vehicles from Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, SEAT, Skoda and VW.

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