‘Technique’, it’s the way you do it

‘Technique’, it’s the way you do it

Technique T2520 Professional photoIt’s all in the technique, the correct and most efficient way to do things which guarantees success. The new ‘Technique T2520 Professional’ tyre changer and the ‘T2100-2 Computerised Wheel Balancer’, now front ‘Trade Garage Equipment’s’ wide range of wheelcare products. John Martin of Trade Garage Equipment introduces the new products, “A fully automatic tyre changer, high performance and heavy duty, it boasts an industrial build quality and features ‘lever less’ operation, designed and developed not only for increased capacity, quality, reliability and ease of performance but for its outstanding value.

It is perfect to handle the modern wheels and tyres which many older tyre machines are now unable to cope with, being ‘lever less’ minimises the risk of damage to these expensive wheels, yet easily tackles the cosmetic demands such as hidden balance weights etc.

Everything about the ‘T2520 Professional’ remains familiar to the tyre technician; however with no need for a tyre lever, it eliminates the stress to the machine and operator and any safety issues that go with using a tyre lever, instead, a push button controlled ‘finger’ simply picks the tyre up and removes it swiftly and with ease.

The air operated tilt back column speeds set-up time and the powerful, pneumatically operated robotic ‘assist’ arm enables the handling of difficult, stiff, low profile and run-flat tyres. In line with its ‘flagship’ specification, the ‘T2520 Professional’ provides a turntable clamping capability up to 660 mm (26”) diameter.

‘Technique T2100-2 Computerised Wheel Balancer’ offers a combination of technical ability, quality, value and performance and handles wheels unto 540mm (21”) wide and 940mm (37”) diameter. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, it comes with twin displays, automatic data 2D input via auto measuring arm and an excellent range of programmes including behind spoke balancing and sensitivity down as low as 1 gram. Both products feature direct delivery, installation and comprehensive training are all within the price.”

For more information: 01509 506680 or www.tradegarageequipment.co.uk