Standox and Gemini ARC – a futuristic partnership

Standox and Gemini ARC – a futuristic partnership

Standox and Gemini ARC photoWith five accident repair centres from Bristol to Telford, Gemini ARC is a fast-growing company with its eye on the future.

Managing Director Dave Sargeant explains Gemini’s philosophy and why Standox is its obvious paint partner: “In 2008 when I decided to open the first two Gemini accident repair centres with Andrew and Tim Hopkins, we were surprised at how little the methods of car repair had changed since we first worked in the industry together more than two decades earlier. We started to look at different, more efficient, ways of doing things and discovered that robotics fit perfectly in this industry. At the time this technology was little-known in our industry and the machines were very expensive, but we agreed they were worth the investment. We are now reaping the rewards.”

The introduction of robotic technology to Gemini’s bodyshops has revolutionised the way repairs are carried out. The number of times a vehicle needs to be moved for a full repair has gone down from approximately eight to just three. The floor space required is reduced and throughput is increased.

“The machines are inside the spray booths. They move along the cars, a bit like a car wash, drying any paint work unbelievably fast – we’re talking seconds rather than minutes. This means that the next stage of work can be carried out immediately with no waiting time. Our staff has been retrained and are all multi-skilled with each employee following the repair process of a vehicle from start to finish, ensuring continuity and a high-quality repair.”

With two new sites opened in 2012 and more planned for the future, Gemini has a clear template for success. “Standardisation is vital to our vision,” continues Sargeant.

“Each of our centres is set up in the same way and uses the same cutting-edge equipment and premium products. Because we needed a exclusive paint partner that would deliver the same high-level of repair quality that we strive for, we chose Standox. We also value the range of products and services Standox offers as well as its OEM approvals, which are very important to us as we also run a claims management business.”