Schumacher UK gives batteries a boost

Schumacher UK gives batteries a boost

Schumacher UK batteries photoBattery charging and maintenance expert Schumacher UK is this month (April, 2013) offering garages and motor professionals a series of new battery booster packs.

The PBI range of booster packs, which offer fast and safe charging, is being launched by Schumacher UK.

Ian Garwood, Director at Schumacher UK, based in Somerset, said: “Our new range of booster packs are tough, powerful, portable and affordable.

“The Professional PBI 2212 booster features a fully automatic specialist charging programme developed by Schumacher for the Hawker Enersys battery to maximise charge and battery life. It also includes an automatic de-sulfation procedure and float charge mode.”

Schumacher UK also offers the PBI 1812 booster pack, which can be used on all types of vehicles, from cars to speedboats.

Ian continued: “This device is specially formulated to jump start vehicles. Its 12 volt accessory outlet contains overload and short-circuit protection.

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