New wheels for UK market through Yokohama HPT Ltd

New wheels for UK market through Yokohama HPT Ltd

Yokohama photoThe UK distributor for TSW, Beyern and Mandrus replacement alloy wheels, Yokohama HPT Ltd, has confirmed several new and dramatic additions to the UK line-up for the three brands. All are available now through the YHPT nationwide dealer network and use the ‘Rotary Forging’ process to create strong and dynamic wheels which offer a significant weight saving over traditional methods.

Named after the world-famous Mount Panorama circuit in Australia, the location for the legendary Bathurst race, the Panorama is a straight-edged, five-spoke wheel with the spokes running from the deep-dished five-hole centre mounting to the very edge of the rim. Sizes range from 17in to 22in and in widths up to 11in with three possible finishes; Matte Black, Matte Bronze or Silver with a mirror-cut face.

The Tanaka is also named after a racetrack, this time the Tanaka, or Okayama International, Circuit in Japan. It again features five mounting holes and a corresponding number of sharply edged spokes running to the edge of the rim with a sharp angle turning at the very edge, reminiscent of the styling predominant in drifting. The Tanaka is sized from 17in to 20in and is also available in staggered fitments and in Matte Black or Hyper Silver.

Both the Panorama and the Tanaka are formed using TSW’s ‘Rotary Forging’ technique, where the outer rim is forged while the wheel centre and rim mould are spun at high speed. This results in a wheel that is not only stronger but also lighter than traditional wheels, with improvements in handling and vehicle performance.

Three more wheels utilizing the Rotary Forging method are the Beyern Spartan, the Mandrus Rotec and the Victor Equipment Innsbruck.

The Spartan is the latest addition to the Beyern range, designed exclusively for BMW models. It is an openly motor sport-inspired wheel with eight forked spokes running to the stepped rim and has been designed to integrate with BMW’s TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Available in staggered fitments and sizes from 17in to 20in, it comes in three finishes – Matte Black, Hyper Silver and Chrome.

The Mandrus Rotec, part of the Mercedes-specific range, is a multi-spoke, hard-edged wheel designed to clear all available brake packages on Mercedes models, integrate with the factory TPMS system and in staggered sizes, from 17in – 22in. The Rotec comes in three finishes; Matte Black, Silver with a mirror-cut face and Chrome.

The Innsbruck is the latest addition to the Victor Equipment range, created for Porsche models. It features eight forked-tongue split spokes, running to the stepped rim and is available in a huge range of sizes, from 18in to 22in and for staggered fitments. The Innsbruck is available in two finishes; Silver with a mirror-cut face or Matte Black.

Both Rotary Forged TSW styles, as well as the Beyern and Mandrus examples are available from the nationwide Yokohama dealer network and will be appearing on the company’s stand at Autosport International at the Birmingham NEC, 10-13 January 2013. Also appearing will be other models from the TSW and marquee specific ranges, such as the TSW Valencia, Mugello and Carthage, the Beyern Mesh, Mandrus Millennium and the Victor Equipment Turismo.

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