New software download

New software download

Snap-on has announced the release of the new 11.4 software download for its best selling ‘family’ of hand-held diagnostic tools, providing nearly 20% more vehicle coverage than the previous software release introduced earlier this year and now including coverage of the manufacturer SMART.

“Continued and committed software development ensures that Snap-on customers’ diagnostic tools remain consistently powerful and productive in the workplace,” says Mark Ost, UK Sales Director for Snap-on Diagnostics. “Our new 11.4 software download has significant new and profitable key features to help the workshop technician deal with the sophisticated technology used on today’s modern vehicles.

“With each new software release we add exactly what our customers have asked for based on regular feedback and our applications development is without doubt the best in the business. Our 11.4 software has model year coverage up to 2010, and covers 91% of the vehicle parc. 26 of the major vehicle manufacturer specific software titles are included in our applications guide, with over 5,000 vehicles being added. We now have coverage of the manufacturer SMART.

“The new 11.4 software download has added more than 16,000 PIDs and more than 69,000 new Trouble Shooter codes and descriptions. Over 1,300 new functional actuator and system tests have been added, as well as over 18,000 new vehicle systems, plus the latest technology in the market. The upgraded download also includes Tyre Pressure Monitoring System updates for the majority of vehicle manufacturers.

“Our subscription plan – which has three different options – spreads the cost so making it easy and affordable to ensure that you automatically have access to the latest technology whenever a new software update is released. ”The new 11.4 release is available for all models in the Snap-on ‘family’ of hand-held diagnostic tools from the entry level ETHOS, the particularly successful SOLUS PRO, MODIS and VERDICT – a new concept in diagnostic equipment launched in February this year – through to the top of the range VERUS diagnostic platform. The Snap-on Vantage PRO enhanced component test meter and scope is also an important part of the ‘family’.

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