New Koolkare dual gas air conditioning recycling unit from Snap-on

New Koolkare dual gas air conditioning recycling unit from Snap-on

Snap-on Diagnostics, world leaders in diagnostic equipment and service solutions for vehicle air conditioning systems, has announced the introduction of its new Sun KoolKare Dual Gas Unit, a fully automatic air conditioning station for recovering, recycling and recharging both the old R134a and the new R1234YF refrigerants.

The need to now have the ability to handle both refrigerant types is essential following the introduction of the new EU directive of 1 January 2011. This confirmed that air conditioning systems which contain fluorinated greenhouse gases with a GWP value >150 shall be retrofitted to vehicle Type-Approved from that date. R1234YF is the solution the vehicle manufacturers came up with. Service units for R134a will still be indispensable for a very long time but garages will increasingly be dealing with R1234YF.

The new KoolKare Dual Gas service unit (pictured), allows the technician to handle both refrigerants on two entirely separate lines, ensuring that there is no contamination of gases, as both are handled in completely separate cylinders/lines/units. It still has the same unique features of all of the Sun Koolkare products with high resolution colour touch screen display and user-friendly software to guide the technician through the procedure. It is intended to provide a complete, professional and comprehensive service for any garage.

The unit includes collapsible and fully sealed oil and dye bottles to stop moisture being absorbed into the oil / dye. The technician can also see at a glance if the levels are getting low and there is no danger of any accidental spillages. The unit includes two 12kg refrigerant cylinders allowing the technician to service the many vehicles that come through the workshop.

“The KoolKare Dual Gas Unit has been designed to meet all the needs of the modern workshop in dealing with the sophisticated air conditioning systems and delivers profitable, productive solutions for today’s competitive market” says Mark Ost UK, Sales Director of Snap-on Diagnostics.

“No matter if you are new to working with vehicle air conditioning systems, or you work in an experienced workshop looking to move up to the next level of service technology, the new KoolKare unit is the solution.

“We are already clear brand leaders in the UK air conditioning service market with more than 40% market share. We believe that the new KoolKare Dual Gas Unit represents another major technological step forward in a sector which continues to offer enormous potential to today’s workshops and garages.”