New caliper catalogue for European market from TRW

New caliper catalogue for European market from TRW

TRWTRW Automotive Aftermarket has introduced a new 2012 catalogue to accompany its market leading original equipment (OE) quality caliper programme, a central part of its Corner Module offer of braking, steering & suspension parts and systems. Major new features include catalogue data for TRW’s complementary range of brake carriers and a section of images to help users identify the correct part more easily.

The user friendly catalogue: XDD972C contains TRW’s range of 3000 calipers which are all original equipment quality and supplied as new or remanufactured as new. Divided into four chapters, it contains: an application guide; a buyers’ guide; an OE cross referencing section and a detailed image section showing the piston diameter and manufacturer’s systems. The calipers are shown in pairs for easy identification and fitting purposes.

TRW’s Global Marketing Services Manager Soeren Kristensen explained: “TRW is the dominant Global manufacturer of calipers for both front and rear disc brake applications. The business designed the worlds’ most popular and trusted caliper, the Colette and has manufactured more than 500 million for a global market.

“By working in tandem with our parent company, TRW, which manufactures every major part of the braking system, we are able to provide unique insight and knowledge into the design and perfect integration of each component.

“Since 2008, our programme has grown by nearly 30 percent and we have introduced some exciting new niche range additions such as: painted calipers; lightweight aluminum calipers; calipers with integrated electric parking brake (EPB) and a series of foundation brakes composite (FBC) calipers for high performance marques.”

Two of the most innovative range additions introductions of recent years are the caliper with integrated EPB and the high performance FBC caliper.

TRW led the market with the introduction of the EPB in 2001 which is fitted to several major platforms, and continued by launching its EPB system for front axles in 2011; making the technology more affordable for a wider range of vehicle segments. The system can be added with only small modifications to the front axle calipers and integration of the necessary electronic components and software into the ESC.

FBC calipers are high performance parts designed according to the floating caliper concept. With increased lining area, and lightweight composite design – it helps the braking system to run cooler and with enhanced stopping performance.

All TRW’s calipers (both new and remanufactured) carry a three year warranty. The entire range is manufactured or remanufactured in-house to TRW’s strict OE quality guidelines. Remanufactured products are supplied as new, with: new OE pistons; surface protection and OE quality accessories. Every caliper is end-of-line tested. In addition, TRW’s OE rear-axle calipers are prefilled to prevent problems with trapped air after installation as rear calipers can be difficult to bleed.

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