New additions to Facom’s automotive tools range

New additions to Facom’s automotive tools range

Facom, Europe’s leader in hand tools, expands its tools and accessories range for the automotive aftermarket.

Shock absorber removal lever (DLS.40PB)

Simple and efficient, this new purpose-built lever is far more effective and less hazardous when changing shock absorbers than using a lever arm such as a tyre lever. Its clever design makes it easier to remove the flanged struts common on models from PSA, VAG, FORD, etc.  and facilitates the removal of the lower ball joints. The lever arm is 118cm long and offers a good length versus effort compromise. Even though 80% of the jobs can be handled with one position, Facom’s new shock absorber removal lever has a hook which adjusts to six positions, making work of those remaining 20%.

Axial ball joint puller (U.7PB)

This Facom puller is built with efficiency in mind. By giving access through the flender flange, it saves car mechanics valuable time, allowing them to fit and remove axial ball joints on a vehicle without having to remove the rack. The head of the puller is composed of a cage with three rollers in treated steel. The cage is dismountable for easier tool cleaning and maintenance. The tool’s rotation causes auto-locking of the rollers between the body and the ball joint to screw or unscrew. Facom’s axial ball joint puller has a force of hex 30mm drive for high tightening or loosening torque.

LED pen light (779.PENPB)

A staple for any mechanic, Facom’s new LED pen light boasts exceptional size to power ratio, professional quality and practicality. The compact lamp is fitted with six LEDs with a light output of 36 lumen,100 lux at one metre and can be operated for up to eight hours continuously. It is fitted with a clip making it easy to carry in a pocket.

Jointed telescopic mirror (834B.RT)

Facom’s telescopic mirror is 55mm in diameter and its arm can extend from 170mm to 850mm. The glass mirror is scratch-proof and protected by a metal insert. Joint rigidity is adjustable and the sheath is resistant to most solvents.

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