Lighting the way to safety and style

Lighting the way to safety and style

Apollo lamp photo BMWTraditionally car lighting has two main purposes; to see and been seen.

However, motorists are now demanding more than just functionality. Taking performance as a given motorists wish to have lights that add style and maximum road presence.

A popular solution is to fit daytime running lamps (DRLs). These increase the visibility of the vehicle on the road as well as giving it a stylish modern look.

Since February 2011, DRLs have been mandatory on European cars. This regulation was brought in as a road safety measure. It is believed that DRLs help reduce the level of accidents on roads during daytime hours.

Car manufacturers, while adhering to the regulation have used DRLs to enhance and give distinctive styles to cars.

While vehicles made before 2011 do not have to be retrofitted with DRLs, motorists can still get the modern look.

The new Apollo lamp from Ring Automotive, is a dual function LED DRL, combining enhanced daytime styling and visibility with a night time styling function. The circular design of the Apollo lamps compliments the design and styling of most cars.

Associate Director of Marketing and New Product Development Caroline Harding said “the addition of the Apollo DRL gives motorists a choice in what style of DRL they wish to fit, but at the same time ensuring, they have a road legal DRL that produce a modern look, ensuring their vehicle stands out from the crowd.”

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