Volkswagen select NGK spark plugs

Volkswagen select NGK spark plugs

The Volkswagen Group of companies has selected NGK spark plugs and Lambda sensors for its new compact car engine range.

They will be featured in all four versions of VW’s revised engine family EA211 for compact cars, starting with the Lupo II, which will be available later this year.

The first variation of the new and compact EA211 three-cylinder engine will be the 1.0-litre (44/55kW, 59/74PS) with Multi-Point Injection (MPI), which is powering the new Lupo.

For this engine, NGK Spark Plugs has developed the OE spark plug ZKER7A-10EG – a standard nickel type that allows for a change interval of 60,000 kilometres (37,200 miles).

Compared to the spark plugs of the current EA111 four-cylinder engines by VW, this spark plug continues the trend towards miniaturisation. Whereas the spark plugs for the EA111 come with a M14 thread, the ZKER7A-10EG is equipped with a slim M12 thread, which is extremely practical due to the compact design of the new three-cylinder.

In addition, the spark plug features a terminal in NGK’s new ‘cup design’ whereby the common SAE terminal is replaced by a contact in the design of a cup.

The high-tension connection is established by means of a spring reaching into the cup. As this design requires only one third of the height of a standard SAE terminal, the ceramic insulator could be lengthened by several millimetres to improve the plug’s flashover resistance. Additionally, the spring is optimally screened inside the cup to prevent electrical failures.

NGK Spark Plugs is also supplying the car manufacturer with NTK Lambda sensors for the new EA211.

As both a regulating and a diagnostic sensor, an OZAS-S2 zirconium dioxide sensor controls the oxygen concentration within the exhaust. As part of VW cars, this sensor has been tested over many years, e.g. within the EA111, where it has proved its worth through its rapid light-off time and high measuring accuracy.

Martin Pring, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “It is fantastic news that NGK spark plugs and NTK Lambda sensors are to be used by VW in its new engine range for compact cars, which are sure to be extremely popular with UK motorists. It is yet another example of how we continue to work closely with the leading vehicle manufacturers on the development of their new models.”