GYS launch GYSflash 7a advanced battery charger

GYS launch GYSflash 7a advanced battery charger

GYSflash 7a advanced battery charger New from GYS, French manufacturer of battery support equipment is the GYSFlash 7A advanced battery charger. Featuing the latest technology the GYSFlash is desigined to take maximun care of all modern battery types including GEL and AGM / Start-Stop.

With batteries becoming ever more complex in their construction and the materials used, Calcium and Silver for example when charging it is necessary to be sure that the charger will not damage the battery.

The made in France GYSFlash uses a 10 stage microprocessor controlled charging curve to ensure an effective charge is achieved without risk to the battery. Despite the many battery types now fitted to vehicles no user selection is required hence eliminating the chance of error and resultant risk to the battery. Part of the charging process will condition the battery reducing sulphation that naturally occurrs in batteries over time thus improving performance and prolonging operating life. The GYSFlash is safe to charge whilst the battery is connected to the vehicle and can be left connected indefinately without risk making it also suitable to use with motorbikes, caravans, classic cars or farm machinery when not it use. A permanent connection kit is included.

The GYSFlash 7A features convenient LED indicators to display state of charge, robust and weatherproof plastic casing and weather proof design.  The GYSFlash 7A will charge 12V batteries up to 130Ah, maintain batteries up to 230Ah and is suitable for use with Lead Acid, GEL, Silver/Calcium, AGM/EFB and Start Stop batteries.

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