Energy boost for tired batteries

Energy boost for tired batteries

12 volt B12.1AUK photoFaulty or flat batteries are one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns, especially during the colder months of the year. Aimed at roadside assistance professionals attending breakdowns and garage-based mechanics who may have several cars parked at their premises awaiting repair, Facom’s new range of boosters offers a powerful and convenient solution to flat battery problems.

12 volt boosters

The 12 volt B12.1AUK is the smallest booster offered by Facom and is suitable for starting light vehicles with petrol engines up to 4 litres and diesel engines up to 3 litres. The booster weighs less than 10.5kg, making it easy to carry and ideal for everyday use.

The second 12 volt booster in the range is the B12.2AUK, which is designed for intensive use during roadside assistance situations and in extreme temperatures. This more powerful model can be used on all cars as well as light commercial vehicles.

For convenience while on the move, both 12 volt boosters can be charged via a 12 volt cigarette lighter, meaning that mobile mechanics can top up the power between breakdown attendances. A 20 amp fuse ensures that no damage is done to the vehicle in case of improper use during this procedure. Both models also feature LED charging indicators, storage for cables and clamps, and a power switch and anti-reverse alarm which protects the vehicle’s electronic components.

24 volt boosters

For situations where a more powerful boost is required, such as when starting trucks, and farm and construction vehicles, Facom has developed two 24 volt boosters: the B24.1UK and the B24.2PB. Both boosters are suitable for large fleet vehicle owners, with the B24.2UK offering the advantage of maximum boosting power during intensive use, in roadside assistance situations and in extreme temperatures. Wheels and retractable handles are fitted to both 24 volt boosters making them highly portable. Additional features are a power switch and anti-reverse alarm, a power fuse to protect the user in case of polarity inversion or if mistakenly used on a 12 volt vehicle and an LED charging indicator.

All of the new boosters are designed to deliver high levels of current to start engines reliably, even in very cold weather. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are fitted which are completely waterproof and can be at any angle without risk of acid leakage.

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