Coverage is a must

Coverage is a must

“A complete range, with comprehensive parc coverage of the models of global vehicle manufacturers’ is pivotal for continued success in the independent aftermarket of today,” says TRW Automotive Aftermarket.

The business made this statement by announcing that the total number of new references launched across its successful ‘Corner Module’ range of braking, steering and suspension parts, and associated complementary programmes, is 675 year to date; illustrating how it retains its market leading position.

“Increased price transparency together with the rise in global market players which has resulted in smaller available margins and a flooded market are just a small number of the uncontrollable variables making the business climate ever more difficult,” explained TRW’s Global Marketing Services Manager, Soeren Kristensen. “By investing in continuous market research and ensuring the link to the original equipment market is strong and secure, providing a complete range to serve the needs of the market is one area in which parts manufacturers have a level of control, and therefore must lead the way.”

Soeren continued: “With the increased impact of globalisation, it is vital that as a manufacturer, your range caters for a global market. A few years ago, spare parts specialists were still necessary for Asian vehicles. Today, business in Asia Pacific is booming and as a mass market it needs to be served in an appropriate way.

“In 2011 a quarter of the global production of light vehicles will be in China, making it the most dynamic automotive market ever, so it’s essential to be able to provide aftermarket parts for these models. Back in 2007, TRW was one of the first OE manufacturers to introduce a catalogue dedicated to Asian marques. We now manufacture significant volumes for Japanese and Korean models with market coverage of more than 90% – 98% for brake linings.”

Range coverage is an area that TRW has long been focused on. With advance planning, this was an area of development that TRW invested in throughout the economic downturn, ensuring that the business was in excellent shape with a sound offer to take to market when buoyancy returned.

This was recognized when TRW achieved the prestigious ‘best market coverage and quality award’, presented to TRW by Temot International in 2010. TI is an international trading group and its network of 23 leading European automotive parts distributors, across 33 countries took part in the vote.

At the beginning of 2011, TRW’s leading position at the top of the coverage scoreboard was further reinforced when TecDoc figures revealed that out of 34 suppliers measured, TRW Automotive Aftermarket had achieved the best overall braking, steering & suspension application coverage across its key European markets during the fourth quarter of 2010.

“TRW prides itself in being a trusted partner producing OE quality products which our customers can rely on as best-in-range,” Soeren added. “With the market opening up under the new Block Exemption regulations, it’s more important than ever that new references reach the garages as soon as possible. Best positioned to serve the needs of the global automotive aftermarket, we will strive to retain our position in our chosen product areas and technologies, across our ever-expanding market for the benefit of our customers; helping them to grow their businesses.

“We are committed to working closely with our customers to establish best in class working relationships, and to provide a full service package: the best quality products, excellent range coverage together with professional technical service and marketing support.”

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