Clear choice: New from Euro Car Parts – Vista Pro wiper blades

Clear choice: New from Euro Car Parts – Vista Pro wiper blades

Euro Car Parts - Vista Pro wiper blades imageEuro Car Parts, reports an ‘extremely positive’ reception for its new Vista Pro standard universal windscreen wiper blades.

Managing Director, Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia, commented: “The Vista Pro brand sets a new benchmark in the aftermarket: really good quality blades at ultra-competitive prices. It represents unbeatable value and is a serious alternative to OE.

Vista Pro is made by one of the biggest OE manufacturers and, importantly, it features OE quality rubber. That makes all the difference and in terms of cost it is about 50% cheaper than the equivalent OE retail price.

This wiper blade is a revolutionary design which can be fitted on the same applications as the common Multi Clip type blade as well as any conventional hook type wiper arm. This unique design can also be adapted to have additional clips to fit any new wiper arm design in the future.

“Virtually all new cars built in Europe now have flat blades, so this is a growing market. Thanks to our unique clips – a standard converter and others – Vista Pro flat blades will fit on six different types of wiper arms – no one else can say that. The initial range will cover 93% of the UK car parc and we will be close to 100% before the end of the year. Vista Pro can then be used on left hand drive cars. To say the range is comprehensive is an understatement.

“Wiper arm technology varies greatly across different marques and models and the VMs naturally want exclusivity on their chosen designs. Our challenge is to offer blades that will fit any arm and with Vista Pro we aim to do just that. It is a unique design which doesn’t infringe the OE copyright and whenever a new design arm hits the market all we have to do is update the clips. It means garages can be confident they will be able to fit Vista Pro wipers to any car they are likely to see.

“We have spent a lot of time developing Vista Proto get it right, so we certainly expect it to sell well. To help, we are currently working on a 16-peg stand for garage reception areas. It will hold 188 blades, both standard universal and flat blades, and we will do a special offer around that later in the year.”

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