Spring into action with Facom’s new workstation

Spring into action with Facom’s new workstation

Facom photoReplacement of coil springs, and in many instances, shock absorbers, requires the springs to be compressed during the process. With springs becoming increasingly hard, especially in the case of vans and 4x4s, some workshops lack the level of air pressure required to compress them effectively. Recognising that safety and efficiency are high priorities in the working garage, Facom has developed the DLS.500HPPB, a spring compressor workstation that adapts to low pressure air circuits.

The pneumatic workstation is very powerful and offers up to 1226 kilograms of pressure, making spring compression extremely easy. It is also designed to be highly efficient with 1200 kilograms of pressure requiring just 6 bars of pressure from the air supply. A total piston stroke of 440 mm is available and two forks are supplied covering spring diameters from 78 mm to 182 mm which is suitable for 95% of the European fleet. Additional forks, suitable for a number of makes and models not covered by those supplied, are available from Facom.

Three key safety elements are built into the unit: a guard that must be closed before the compressor can be operated, a pneumatic safety valve system that prevents the jaws from opening in the event of an air supply failure and an automatically controlled compression speed of 10 mm per second. Comprehensive safety testing has also been carried out on the air cylinder, which resists temperatures from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius. The compressor has also been run for 10,500 cycles at 10 bars (maximum pressure) without any problems. Both the cylinder and frame are heavily reinforced in order to cope with the high pressures generated.

Weighing just 46kg, the workstation has also been designed with efficient use of workshop space in mind and measures 590 mm x 590 mm x 1430 mm. It has been CE Machinery Directive certified by an independent laboratory and is the only spring compressor on the market to comply in all respects with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

Alison Howard, Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “We are constantly searching for ways of improving safety and efficiency with our products. With the new spring compressor, workshops can now carry out spring and strut replacement safely and in minimal time.”

For more information: www.facom.com