You’re not saving by not servicing

You’re not saving by not servicing

Leading ‘trade only’ treatment specialists, Forté has re-launched its ‘Value for Money’ servicing campaign and is supplying UK wide garages with point of sale to help educate their customers about the value of a service.

The campaign message of “servicing for less than £1 a day” aims to remind motorists how little they need to spend to avoid costly repairs and save fuel. Many motorists are falling into the common trap of putting off a car service and paying more in the long run for repairs. This is a false economy that could cost a great deal more in component failure due to poor maintenance.

Research carried out by leading direct consumer warranty firm, Warranty Direct, has revealed that one in three motorists will share a £1.6 billion unwanted repair bill this year.

Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager of Forté said: “When you consider that owning a car is very often the second most expensive purchase for a household, it is surprising that the vehicles are not looked after more appropriately with regular servicing. We wanted to help garage owners make drivers more aware that they should look after their valuable vehicles by preventing costly repairs.”

This winter, breakdown services will experience higher than normal callouts as the cold weather causes more vehicle malfunctions, affecting drivers that have not had their vehicles serviced according to the recommended schedule.

Garages offering a Value for Money service includes the 50 point Industry Standard Service checklist offering a guarantee of all work carried out.

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