The new specialist CVT Transmission Fluid from Comma

The new specialist CVT Transmission Fluid from Comma

Transmission Fluid

New Comma AQCVT is a high performance fully synthetic transmission fluid that meets the unique requirements for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs). Formulated and rigorously tested to the highest quality standards, new Comma AQCVT covers more than twenty vehicle manufacturer specifications, making it suitable for no fewer than 231 different models including Audi, Ford, Honda (also suitable for Honda hybrid vehicles fitted with CVTs), Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, MG, Mini, Nissan, Renault, Rover, Toyota and Vauxhall. In total, this currently represents around 640,000 vehicle registrations in the UK car parc.

“With Comma AQCVT being suitable for such a wide range of manufacturers’ specifications, independent technicians can now rely on their Comma distributor to supply the majority of their OE quality CVT transmission fluid requirements without having to depend on main dealers” said Comma Marketing & Sales Director, Mike Bewsey. “We’re committed to doing everything possible to level the playing field with franchised workshops. New Comma AQCVT makes specialist transmission technology available to independent workshops and extends their professional capabilities, service offer and profit opportunities across a large number of makes and models.”

Mr Bewsey emphasised that selecting the right transmission fluid for any given application is no less critical than selecting the correct engine-specific oil. “Comma’s industry leading online VRN look-up and application data not only makes the process of correctly specifying new Comma AQCVT very simple, our recommendations are also fully backed by our unique written guarantee,” he said.

“In effect, we’re providing technicians with their own personal application guarantee system in the form of a printable report designed to help them choose all the right products with complete peace of mind. They can use this in conjunction with our new Service Receipt Wallet to hand to their customers after a service, thereby reinforcing the application message, promoting an easier sell, projecting a professional image and underpinning customer loyalty.”

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