Testing time for engine emissions

Testing time for engine emissions

stpEngine care expert STP has introduced a two-part fuel additive pack that will help reduce cost and inconvenience to motorists whose cars are prone to failing the MoT test annually for flunking exhaust emission regulations. In 2011, it’s a fate that befell over 680,000 cars.

Whilst a quick pre-test check of items such as lighting, wipers and tyres are all easily accomplished, the same cannot be said for DIY measurement of the level of emissions.  This is influenced by the extent of carbon deposits that build up in the engine through normal combustion.  If left untreated, these deposits can contribute to boosting emissions above the legal limit, causing MoT test failure.

The launch of STP Pre-MoT Packs, for either petrol or diesel engines, is a simple, two-step remedy.  Firstly, adding the 200ml bottle of STP Petrol Injector Cleaner / Diesel Injector Cleaner to a tankful of fuel reduces emissions by removing carbon deposits.  Secondly, treating the engine with the accompanying 200ml bottle of STP Petrol Treatment / Diesel Treatment at the next fuel tank fill-up, maximises emissions reduction and guards against the build-up of deposits in the future.

STP Pre-MoT Packs (RRP of £9.99) are suitable for all petrol and diesel engines, including DI, IDI, and Common Rail, and are not harmful to catalytic converters.

The packs are particularly well-suited to older cars, as a spokesperson for STP explains: “The average age of cars registered in the UK has now grown to 7.6 years. The older they are, the less likely they are to be regularly serviced and so carbon build-up in such engines is commonplace, with the potential consequence that it may cause MoT test failure.”

For more information: 0845 6021995, ukhelpline@armoredautogroup.com or www.stp.eu