SCS to the rescue

SCS to the rescue

Phil Buckzo photo
Phil Buckzo

You know the feeling!  The Health & Safety Executive drops into your bodyshop unexpectedly and for that split second your heart sinks and you know that you could be tied up for hours if not days.

Such was the scenario for Fylde Coast Accident Repair Centre based in Blackpool recently when H&S paid a visit out of the blue and the iris central team received a phone call requesting Phil Buckzo, one of its statutory compliance experts, be put on stand-by in case he was required to talk through any aspects of the iris statutory compliance system (SCS) that had been put in place.

Sure enough, 20 minutes later, iris received a telephone call but instead of the anticipated questions from the H&S assessor, Phil was greeted with a relieved repairer stating that the visit was over and that the processes and systems iris had put in place had worked like a dream and the repairer could now get back to pushing 8work through the shop.

HR manager of Fylde ARC, Linda Hyland, says: “The whole statutory compliance process delivered by iris through Phil as our account manager for the system, was seamless, stress-free and didn’t cause any disruption to our business, so much so that when the Health & Safety assessor dropped by unannounced it was absolutely plain sailing. We’ve never experienced such a smooth and enjoyable visit before. I can highly recommend iris SCS to every repairer.”

Phil says: “Rather than presenting a big challenge, the visit by the Health & Safety representative caused no disruption to workflow and the business, and the bodyshop was able to manage the entire experience with ease. SCS is specifically designed that way, and we work closely with every repairer to ensure we anticipate every eventuality and put the correct measures and steps in place to address all issues and concerns proactively.  All SCS customers should be relishing their next H&S inspection!”

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