Scots Auto Scene welcomes Jack Matthews to the team

Scots Auto Scene welcomes Jack Matthews to the team

Jack Matthews has felt both the joy and the sorrow of motoring. His first car – a battered and crumbling Corsa B part-funded by a student loan – he drove until it literally split in two. Since then, he’s been lucky enough to get behind the wheel of BMWs, Jaguars, Teslas and the odd Dacia and Micra, granting him experience and insight throughout the automotive spectrum.
Jack Matthews.

After completing his degree in journalism at Edinburgh Napier university, and alienating friend after friend with his non-stop car chat, Jack started as an outlet for his passion for the motor industry. Focusing on many different aspects of the industry through the eyes of a skint yet enthusiastic Scotsman, Jack adds his own spin to current events and car reviews, as well as covering events and interviewing motorsport personalities.

Jack contributes to a number of motoring websites, including the US-based and Now he brings his own brand of car chat to the pages of Scots Auto Scene and online at

Technology, coupled with pressures on vehicles with traditional powertrains to clean up their act and increasing customer demand for efficiency are driving innovation and change in the motor industry. This is having ramifications for vehicles at every level – from high-end hypercars down to nippy hatchbacks and everything in between. This fascinates Jack and has become a key area of his focus of late.

Keep an eye out for his reporting and comment on the cutting edge of the industry.


You can follow Jack on Twitter @Jack_McMotors


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