Scent is the most memorable of all of senses, make it work...

Scent is the most memorable of all of senses, make it work for you!

ScentThat first impression when walking into any showroom environment is so crucially important and as the sense of smell is the most closely linked of our senses to memory and emotion those first few steps are so important for the right viewing experience and should envelop customers with the full multisensory experience of which scent is the most crucial ingredient. So why not use it?

Now, shrewd car dealers and showroom marketers are realizing the importance of a multi sensory approach which includes scent as a brand association by creating a deeper connection using scent in showrooms as a brand or signature fragrance.

For many years we were led to believe a picture paints a thousand words, but a shiny new car plus the correct whiff of scent is proven to be more powerful in terms of brand association and memory recall and has a more direct link to a customers emotions. Research shows this recall is especially effective if there is a particular brand name accompanying the scent. A very positive and effective way to associate your car dealership with a good feel factor.

Putting the right scent into a showroom is a key part of the process. It is not about adding any scent; but the right scent at the right time and place that is conducive to the feel, and reception, ultimately the brand. With 30% of the brain influenced by smell, those car marketers presently using scent are at a significant advantage than those who don’t. Studies show that scent has become a hugely powerful subliminal tool and that if used correctly can positively affect dwell times, encourage customers to return, enhance the viewing experience, vastly increase sales and deepen your brand connection with your customers. Thus, in-showroom scenting should be considered as important as music and in an economic down turn the small amount of investment could lead to massive returns.

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