Record run with Lucas Oil

Record run with Lucas Oil

A car sponsored by Lucas Oil has recorded the fastest ever speed for an automotive engine-driven vehicle.

“It’s official. We have the fastest additives, lubricants and greases on the planet,” says Les Downey, Managing Director of Lucas Oil Products (UK).

In a Land Speed Shootout over the Bonneville Salt Flats in
the USA, the ‘Speed Demon’ car clocked:

· an entry speed of 452.944mph

· a kilometre speed of 458.189kmph

· a mile speed of 457.964mph

· an exit speed of 462.345mph

The 457 mph recorded by the three-man team of George Poteet, Ron Main and Ken Duttweiler is less than 2mph short of the any wheel-driven record set by the turbine-powered ‘Turbinator’ in 2001.

Speed Demon is powered by a Hellfire 347-cubic inch, small block engine. It uses two 82mm alcohol-burning precision turbochargers and a selection of additives lubricants and greases from the Lucas Oil range.

“There is no better test-bed for our products, no better demonstration of their effectiveness and no stronger recommendation than from the fastest motor racing team in the world,” adds Les Downey.

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