Protecting the engine

Protecting the engine

Molyslip Platinum Engine Protector is a unique formulation of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) that plates onto internal engine surfaces, to produce a friction reducing barrier that does not drain off. The Molyslip Platinum Engine Protector has been trusted to fight damaging engine friction for the last 50 years.

The biggest responsibility of any oil is to form a vital layer between the metal surfaces of various engine parts. Oil acts as a lubricant cooling the underside of the pistons, valve springs, camshaft, rods and bearings, picking up heat as it moves from the combustion of fuel as well as friction, but no matter how good the oil is there will always be friction. Molyslip Platinum Engine Protector has developed a concentrated MoS2 formula which helps reduce this damaging friction.

Supplied in 325ml bottles helps Molyslip to cater for the largest three litre engine. Molyslip treats the engine not the oil so acts as an oil supplement and not an additive. Many other friction reducing products on the market contain PTFE which are non-stick and simply circulate in the oil. Molyslip’s formula works differently, acting as a protective agent it coats and lubricates all the moving components of the engine, providing vital protection in the event of low or total oil loss.

Simply pour Molyslip into your oil and the protective Molyslip coating goes to work to combat the damaging friction caused by metal to metal contact, your engine running temperature will be lowered as the engine does not have to work as hard, reducing long term engine wear and engine noise as well as restoring engine starting performance when starting from cold. The Molyslip last for around 18,000 miles and helps to protect the engine up to every oil change. Molyslip blends with all leading motor oils, including synthetics and will not clog oil filters or oil passageways. It is recommended for use with every oil change but can be put in at any time in between.

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