New technologies

New technologies

SMMT logoThree UK companies showed off their world-leading electric vehicle drivetrain technologies at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in Westminster, London.

At a media event that also included an address from Peter Richings, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Hybrids and Electrification and former Science Minister Lord Drayson, the UK-based businesses – Axeon, Sevcon and YASA Motors – demonstrated how their technologies underpin the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow. Together, the three firms provide the core technologies within current and future electric drivetrains – from battery, through controller, to drive motor.

British companies are playing a crucial role in global advances in electric vehicle technology and the Government has indicated its desire for the UK to lead European design and manufacturing of electrified vehicles, with domestic SMEs playing a key role.

Axeon is Europe’s leading independent supplier of lithium-ion batteries and has provided advanced battery packs for vehicles as Jaguar's XJ_e plug-in hybrid photodiverse as Jaguar’s XJ_e plug-in hybrid advanced research project and a diesel-electric range-extended light commercial vehicle designed and engineered by another British company, Revolve Technologies.

Sevcon is a UK-based company, listed on the NASDAQ, with a truly global presence, supplying motor controllers to vehicles including Brammo electric motorcycles, the Renault Twizy and heavy commercial vehicles.

YASA Motors is the world leader in high power density, low cost electric traction motors with automotive applications ranging from niche performance vehicles, through light commercial vehicles and buses to high volume passenger cars. In addition the unique YASA motor topology is finding applications in a broad range of non-automotive market sectors.