NAB – Supporting services for bodyshops

NAB – Supporting services for bodyshops

services for bodyshopsWith over two decades of experience gained in developing and implementing body repair development programmes on behalf of our membership base, body repair groups, insurers and manufacturers, NAB are ideally placed to provide clients with the expertise, resources and services to meet with their individual requirements.

With the support of the RMI behind the NAB, they have the depth of knowledge to ensure any bodyshop gets the best support possible at a cost effective rate, believing that flexibility is key and whilst they can provide a comprehensive development programme from inception to delivery, they can also provide specific services to fit within a clients own programme, an example of some of our services are listed below.

Standards Monitoring
Most repairers are already audited by work providers, vehicle manufacturers or suppliers, ensuring you are ready for these audits can be time consuming, who prepares the staff, creates the action plan and acts on the recommendations made from external audits, NAB offer a bespoke service to bodyshops to act as their own internal quality manager, they can provide a bespoke audit model, specific to your own requirements but typically would include, brand, customer care, premises and facilities, working practices, legislative compliance, equipment, quality control and management.

Work in progress audits
Unannounced audit visits which will focus on typically three randomly selected vehicles at different stages of repair, the audit will focus on repair method being used, equipment in use, competence of the repairing technician, parts being used and overall quality.

Mystery shopping
We can provide a comprehensive programme which includes both telephone and/or onsite vehicle shopping, for example these may focus on estimating standards, customer care standards, marketing of additional services and brand promotion.

Customer satisfaction monitoring (CSM)
We can develop, implement and manage card and web based customer satisfaction programmes, detailed performance reports and benchmarking against other repairers within networks are provided to the individual business and network client.

Coaching and Business development
By using key performance indictors which can often be recorded during an onsite audit visit or captured within a self- assessment programme, NAB provide the individual repairer with benchmarked management data which can measure their performance against a body repair networks averages. Through subsequent onsite visits by one of our experienced field managers we can provide the repairer with guidance and support to improve any relevant areas, ultimately we become your business coach.

Health & Safety Management
Compliance with legislation is critical for any bodyshop, any prospective work provider wants to ensure they work with compliant and safe bodyshops to protect their own brand, NAB provide repairers with a comprehensive H&S management programme, this will provide clients with regular onsite visits from one of their qualified H&S managers who will implement the necessary processes and documentation to ensure clients comply with legislation, the ongoing visits ensure ongoing surveillance, training and documentation is updated to maintain the compliance. As part of any programme or individual service, NAB provide their clients with management information, dedicated account management and will ensure that their clients key values are reflected by their own staff. An important point that should be stressed is that NAB do not consider themselves to be ‘consultants’, they pride themselves in ensuring that if they highlight issues within an individual body repairer or within a network of repairers, they have the solution and believe that they offer real world practical advice in which a body repairer of any size can use. For most bodyshops the cost of a fully managed compliance system is around £100 per month.

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