Motoriety streamlines car admin, increases car value and boosts profits for UK...

Motoriety streamlines car admin, increases car value and boosts profits for UK garages

A free-to-use web service has launched which helps to eliminate the tedium of car ownership, while saving motorists money and boosting custom for UK garages.

Motoriety founder, Lucy Burnford.
Motoriety founder, Lucy Burnford.

Motoriety is a first of its kind, secure online platform where vehicle owners can manage all aspects of car ownership, administration and maintenance. The cloud-based ‘digital glovebox’ allows users to securely store important car-related documents and log repairs that are digitally verified by garages to build a comprehensive digital service history, or ‘AUTObiography’ of their car.

Motoriety also sends out email reminders to alert users when services and MOTs are due, or when insurance, tax and breakdown cover needs to be renewed, helping car owners avoid penalties and fines.

Experts estimate that a full service history can add more than 26% to the value of a car. With the average second-hand car being worth around £5,500, a full service history – traditionally consisting of a simple stamped-up service book – is currently worth almost £1,500.

Motoriety turns easily lost or forged service histories into credible, trade-verified online portfolios, by enabling motorists to log every bit of work done, from having a new tyre fitted to a major service or restoration work, all digitally verified by the garage that has carried out the work. The cars AUTObiography can easily be passed on to subsequent owners.

Motoriety also saves users both time and money by generating relevant and timely service and MOT offers from local garages, as well as aggregated insurance and breakdown cover quotes. The system can also reunite motorists with lost and forgotten service histories for their cars, adding real value to vehicles and enhancing the site’s social DNA.

Motoriety boosts garages’ reputations, whilst also alleviating consumer fears of being ripped off, with its unique two-way review and rating system. Garages digitally validate work completed to customers’ Motoriety accounts and, once the customer has rated and reviewed the garage, this entry appears in the user’s AUTObiography.

This fully traceable review system helps garages boost their profiles and ensures reputations aren’t damaged by rogue reviews, whilst giving motorists access to trustworthy peer-to-peer recommendations, allowing for more informed decisions.

Founder Lucy Burnford says: “Everyone has a story about how they hadn’t realised their MOT had expired, forgot to renew their car tax on time, or didn’t service their car for tens of thousands of miles. People aren’t letting these lapse or breaking the law intentionally, but there are usually no reminders, particularly if your car is second hand. The onerous amount of admin involved in owning and maintaining a car is ridiculous, and it’s all fragmented. Until now, there was no centralised tool designed to manage every bit of it. Motoriety is the obvious solution.

“Trust in garages is another major issue for motorists. Most of us dread taking our cars to the garage because of the uncertainty and fear of being ripped off. But there are some really great local businesses out there that deserve to be championed. Our two-way garage review and rating process is unique as both garages and motorists have a meaningful incentive to participate. Whilst there are various existing review websites, we all know reviews can be falsified, so we’ve come up with a fair system to eliminate that risk. It’s Motoriety’s mission to bring game-changing benefits to both motorists and the motor industry.”


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