Motor factor boosts sales by 600% through on-hold marketing

Motor factor boosts sales by 600% through on-hold marketing

Mark Williamson photo
Mark Williamson

Digraph Transport Supplies has delivered a significant boost to sales and customer awareness thanks to on-hold marketing.

The Nottingham-based professional motor factor even witnessed sales of one product soar by 600 per cent after it was promoted using the service from PH Media Group.

On-hold marketing involves the creation of bespoke audio messages which are played to telephone callers whenever they are put on hold, transferred or call outside of normal business hours.

Digraph has successfully used the service to promote special offers, improve product knowledge and strengthen its commitment to customer service.

Digraph Director Steve Porter said: “On-hold marketing has been a crucial tool in helping us to develop product awareness among our customer base and boost sales across the board.

“Our messages continually evolve to reflect seasonal factors and the best case scenario showed a 600% increase in sales of one product line over a three-month period.

“Customer feedback has also been overwhelmingly positive. By providing relevant information and engaging content, the service has helped to reduce the amount of time our customers feel they have spent on hold.”

Digraph has flourished despite the tough economic climate, enjoying seven per cent growth each year for the past three years.

The company, which specialises in truck, trailer and commercial HGV parts, now employs 102 staff across nine sites and last year achieved a turnover of £12 million.

On-hold marketing has been a consistent factor in that growth, providing the required flexibility required to tailor marketing activity according to time of year in the highly seasonal motor factor industry.

Music and messaging are both created according to a highly-specified audio profile, which is designed to reflect Digraph’s brand image and values.

“The professional and efficient handling of telephone calls is absolutely essential for any firm aiming to demonstrate a commitment to first-class service,” said PH Media Group Sales and Marketing Director Mark Williamson.

“On-hold marketing offers a cost-effective method for businesses to establish best practice in dealing with customers, while helping to deliver an uplift in sales.

“By implementing music and messaging which matches their image, industry and goals, firms can ensure customers are presented with a brand they can rely on.”


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