MAHLE ramps up campaign against low quality products

MAHLE ramps up campaign against low quality products

MAHLE AftermarketMAHLE Aftermarket, the German engine components supplier, is adding its weight to the campaign to stamp out the sale of low quality and counterfeit products by providing its UK distribution network with a comprehensive guide to automotive filter quality and the importance of like for like replacement.

From the outside one spin-on oil filter looks much like another, but that is where the similarities end once the component is dismantled, says MAHLE. Because filters supplied to vehicle manufacturers for OE fit are designed in conjunction with the VM to meet the demands of the engine for the service life of the filter, they can genuinely claim to be “Original Equipment Parts” or “Spare Parts of Matching Quality”.

Although there are many brands in the aftermarket that claim to provide “Matching Quality”, and whose claims are repeated by distributor and workshop to the consumer, the truth is that many of these filters internally have significantly different specifications  and are simply not “Matching Quality”, stresses MAHLE.

Fitting these parts can lead to embarrassment if the end user discovers that the part is inferior, and could lead to engine failure and invalidation of the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

The A5 guide focuses on the technical importance of filter paper, glue, seals and metal machining, plus the significance of bypass valves and their omission from many so called “Matching Quality” parts.

Clearly annotated graphics are used to demonstrate the major differences between MAHLE Original filters supplied to the UK independent aftermarket and low cost filters that compromise on design and materials. With the trend towards small displacement, high output engines, the importance of high quality filtration becomes even more critical, says the manufacturer.

As well as circulating its entire network on more than 450 distributors in the UK and Ireland, the company’s West Midlands-based subsidiary will provide copies on request to all independent garages and workshops.

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