Large increase in Scottish new car figures

Large increase in Scottish new car figures

New car registrations in Scotland in September 2012 totalled 36,330 units.

This represents an increase of 15.26% in comparison with September 2011, when 31, 519 new cars were registered.

And the UK as a whole also enjoyed an increase of 8.16% – with 35,9612 units registered compared to 33,2476 for September 2011.

This is the third month in a row that sales have increased in Scotland. Over the 12 months to September 2012, sales rose in every region – and topped more than 20% in both Tayside and Strathclyde.

Commenting on the figures, Douglas Robertson, Chief Executive of the Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) said, “September’s new-plate change month was always going to be very important and we are pleased to see that the new car registration figures continue to rise.

“I believe we are slowly seeing the return of consumer confidence as more new, highly fuel-efficient models come to market. We have high hopes that by the end of this year we will still be showing close to a 10% increase over last year.”

The four top best-selling models this year to date in Scotland are Vauxhall’s Corsa and Astra, and Ford’s Focus and Fiesta marques.

At the top end of the market by value, Aston Martin sold 27 cars over the year, Rolls-Royce shifted 10 new vehicles, and Lamborghini, Lotus and Maserati collectively sold 22 new motors.