IMI group to create 16 new jobs

IMI group to create 16 new jobs

IMI: The Institute of the Motor IndusrtyFollowing the recent announcement that the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) had successfully secured over £3 million of investment on behalf of the automotive retail sector as part of phase two of the Government’s Employer Investment Fund (EIF), the IMI has today announced that it will be re-organising its business to deliver core activities such as the continuing development of membership services and the new programme of work set out as part of its contractual obligations to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).

14 new job roles have been created within the IMI which includes a new department to support the forthcoming program of work centered on the vital area of Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI studies focusing on the ATA scheme issued last year showed that training drives business, and the companies who invested had enjoyed increased ROI ranging from 98%-187%. Through the creation of this new department, the IMI hope to continue to demonstrate that investment in skills is good for business and has a positive effect on the bottom line.

IMI Awards, the awarding body within the IMI Group, has enjoyed significant business and organisational development over the last two years and is also creating two new roles.

Commenting on the changes, Linda Stansfield FIMI, Chief Operating Officer at the IMI said:
“Our strategic aims are designed to help the automotive industry improve its image, status, skills and productivity. The restructure of our business reflects the operational organisation required to ensure we achieve these core objectives. The re-focus of skills within the IMI will ensure greater recognition and support for individuals and the businesses they work in.”

It is an exciting time for the Institute, which launched the automotive sector’s professional register in April 2011 in line with the industry requirement to grow uptake of professional registration throughout the sector. There will be greater focus on business development, product development and sales of current and new, innovative products and services.

The IMI’s six ambitious development projects outlined in our funding submission align with the core purpose of the EIF2 investment, and will enable the IMI to develop a suitably qualified workforce to meet future demand and improve economic performance.

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