IAAF Chief joins FIGIEFA board

IAAF Chief joins FIGIEFA board

Brian Spratt photo
Brian Spratt

At the General Assembly of the international association for parts distributors, FIGIEFA, on May 24 in Brussels, an election was held for positions on the organisation’s board of directors.

The member representatives from all FIGIEFA member organisations were eligible to stand and to vote in the elections, which included filling the positions of President, vice-President and Treasurer.

The President of the German association, GVA, Hartmut Rohl, was unanimously voted (with 34 votes) to the position of FIGIEFA President for the second time, taking over from Michel Vilatte of French association, FEDA, who was elected to the vice-President’s role with 30 votes.  IAAF chief executive Brian Spratt was elected as FIGIEFA’s new Treasurer with 31 votes.

The other FIGIEFA board members elected at the meeting were: Eric Rommerts from the Dutch RAI association who received 33 votes; Christer Liljenberg of the Swedish association SBF who received 32 votes; Polish association SDCM’s president Alfred Franke who collected 29 votes; and Eyal Tarablus of Turkey’s YPG association, who garnered 17 votes; Pedro Barros from Portugal and Bruno Beccari of Italy were the unsuccessful candidates.

Tributes were paid to the service given by retiring board member Bob Davis of the SMMT, who has been FIGIEFA’s treasurer for 16 years. He was given a gift as a memento of his hard work.

For more information: www.iaaf.co.uk