Counterfeit V-ribbed belts destroyed

Counterfeit V-ribbed belts destroyed

V-ribbed beltsThe ContiTech Power Transmission Group is continuing its fight against product and brand counterfeiters.

Counterfeit V-ribbed belts were discovered in a warehouse in Casablanca, Morocco. The retailer had already prepared them for sale. After a tip-off from ContiTech, the local authorities seized the belts and had them destroyed. The retailer now faces legal prosecution.

“In addition to counterfeits of other manufacturers’ products, ContiTech rip-offs were discovered during raids on several retailers. We acted quickly and took the appropriate measures together with all those involved,“ says Steffen Than, Pricing Manager Europe and Trademark Protection Officer at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

Investigators, lawyers, and ContiTech employees all worked closely with the Moroccan authorities. The police forces confiscated the counterfeit goods shortly after the first allegations surfaced.

To protect itself from pirate products, the ContiTech Power Transmission Group promotes a comprehensive approach consisting of organizational, technical, legal, and communicative measures. “We inform and warn retailers and garages of the dangers involved in using pirate products,“ says Helmut Engel, head of the Automotive Aftermarket at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. Pirate products have substandard material properties and inferior workmanship. High maintenance and repair costs, even engine damage, are the result.