Connected components for connected cars

Connected components for connected cars

Rapid growth in connectivity has significantly altered consumer demands and expectations. There is no better example of this than within the automotive sector, where car owners can now control virtually all their vehicles functions with a press of a button.

In some cases, consumers can even hand over control to their vehicle, with Tesla and BMW, amongst others, introducing fully automated park assist to select models. As a result, vehicles now need to be able to supply their owners with more information than ever via sensors, lights, infotainment systems and electronics. Alongside this trend, the automotive sector has also seen a significant rise in car manufacturers producing electronic or hybrid cars, predominantly due to increasing pressure on manufacturers to produce fuel efficient, carbon neutral vehicles.

These existing trends present new growth opportunities for the components and fasteners market. To incorporate these new technologies into the design of vehicles, automotive manufacturers now require significant amounts of additional cabling – all of which needs to be guided, organised and fastened throughout the vehicle. Automotive manufacturers are putting increasing pressure on suppliers to provide smaller, lighter weight solutions that still ensure a high level of quality and effective performance. This added emphasis on weight reduction, driven by consumer demand for fuel efficient and low tax vehicles, has led manufacturers to explore new and innovative ways to reduce vehicle weight. Therefore, more attention than ever is paid to reducing the weight of individual automotive components.

For companies like Essentra Components, specialising in the manufacture of automotive fasteners and fixings, this added demand for lightweight yet high quality automotive components is driving growth in the company’s nylon offer. Given the average modern vehicle now requires approximately 50-100 fasteners, weight can soon add up. Selecting the right material is crucial to ensuring a light weight fastener. Due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and the fact that it does not conduct electricity, nylon is the ideal material for automotive fixings.

In 2014, three companies. were amalgamated to form Essentra Components EMEA, which provided customers with a vast selection of industrial components with regional distribution sites across Europe and an international network extending to the Americas and Asia, including 42 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales and distribution operations, as well as five research/development centres. Thanks to this scale, Essentra Components offers over one billion parts stocked with fast same day dispatch.

Essentra Components is a global ISO/TS16949:2009 certified manufacturer of automotive fastenings, supplying its innovative, unique and reliable products to the top 15 global automotive OEM part suppliers as well as automotive manufacturers such as Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, Caterpillar and Valeo.

Inevitably, customer needs vary dramatically, meaning Essentra Components’ ability to deliver bespoke component solutions is central to its customer offering. Essentra Component invests significantly in product development and Managing Director, Scott Fawcett, assures the company is well placed to respond to this increasing demand: “We take a strategic approach to providing automotive manufacturers with essential design and prototype support. We already provide an end-to-end solution but are continuing to invest in sampling and prototyping, using 3D-printing.”

To showcase these investments Essentra Components has been hosting visits to its ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Kidlington, which Scott Fawcett believes provide stakeholders with a unique insight into Essentra’s manufacturing process. “A key part of our growth strategy is guiding our customers through the entire manufacturing process from design, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution. Opening up our Centre of Excellence to media and stakeholders allows us to showcase this unique offering to a wider audience.”


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