A1 Motor Stores going for growth

A1 Motor Stores going for growth

Derrick Lawton photo
Derrick Lawton

A1 Motor Stores is calling upon factors and retailers who want to retain their independence, but strengthen their business and increase their profit margins, to consider becoming a member of the group.

In the face of the current tough economic conditions, the feeling in the trade is that independents need to be part of a trading alliance in order to survive and as an organisation that is determined to grow despite these prevailing difficulties, A1 is well-placed to help them transform their business and compete with the giants of the industry.

Testament to its focus on growth, the group has seen the business conducted through its ‘members only’ distribution centre, A12U, increase by almost 25% over last year.

Derrick Lawton, CEO at A1 Motor Stores said: “There are so many reasons why an independent should join the A1 Motor Stores group. In addition to better buying terms and supplier rebates, they also get to have a say in what the group does, through regular membership meetings and group discussions, which allows the membership to help each other and pass on important information for their mutual benefit.

“We also provide marketing support and have our own trade magazine called Update, which is a great communication tool for both members and suppliers and the ‘A14U’ Intranet forum.

“The Annual Trade Show & Convention provides the opportunity to network with suppliers and members and the warehouse, A12U, allow members to pick single items with a fast order turnaround.”

Kevin Stockton, owner of RH Autoparts in Birmingham added: “We joined A1 Motor Stores just over two years ago because of the POS material, rebate and overall support that was offered to us as a small business battling to keep our customers from competitors. A12U has been a great help to our business. We look and feel like a professional shop now, we would not have achieved this without the help of A1.”

Michael Pinner owner of Shirley Autospares in Solihull echoed these sentiments and joined A1 Motor Stores just a few months ago: “With competition rife in our area, we knew we had to do something to help ourselves and survive. A1 appealed to us for many reasons: their terms, range of suppliers and the A12U warehouse allows us to competitively purchase a small amount of items as opposed to struggling to store large items.”

For more information: 01455 637031 or admin@a1motorstores.co.uk