80% of motorists are cutting down on car journeys due to rising...

80% of motorists are cutting down on car journeys due to rising fuel costs

motorpoint logoThe rising cost of fuel is causing UK motorists to cut down on the number of car journeys they take, according to a survey by Motorpoint.

The UK’s leading car supermarket polled its website users to ask whether they are cutting down on car journeys as a result of fuel prices reaching a record high of 150.9p a litre for diesel and a huge 80% said they were.

With recent figures showing the UK pays the highest fuel tax in Europe, times are hard for the British motorist and features like the MPG offered by a car are becoming increasingly important to prospective car buyers.

Attracting around 12,000 visitors per day, www.motorpoint.co.uk’s ‘Green Cars’ section is consistently one of the most popular pages on the site, with customers searching for not only the highest savings, but also vehicles which will cost less to run.

Such a high percentage of people planning to take less car journeys can only be a worry for the economy and the UK’s automotive industry which, according to figures from the SMMT, contributes a typical net value of over £8.5bn and employs in excess of 700,000 people.

David Shelton, Managing Director, Motorpoint, said: “Our poll shows that rising fuel costs are seriously affecting today’s UK motorists and should be a warning to the Government that action is needed on fuel duty.

“We want people to enjoy owning a car again, without the burden of heavy taxes, which will in turn stimulate the economy. This is why we consistently offer the best savings on our cars, providing a viable way for cash strapped Brits to buy a car without breaking the bank.”

Customers who have to use their cars every day,  like the 20% who voted they weren’t using their car less, and who rely on their cars to commute etc., may be interested to hear that Motorpoint has just added its cheapest ever 2010 year vehicles to its stock list.

A choice of ’59 plate Chevrolet Matiz 1.0 SE+ models with mileages all under 16k, are available now from Motorpoint at just £3999, offering a customer saving of £5412. They include metallic paint, standard air con and the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty. An extended guarantee package is also available from Motorpoint.

For more information: www.motorpoint.co.uk