Used car sales information

Used car sales information

Used car photoAcross the board used cars averaged £6,158 in August, down £22 compared to July, according to BCA’s latest Pulse Report.

The small reverse was largely as a result of a change in model mix, as lower value part-exchange cars represented a slightly bigger percentage in August than the previous month. The year-on-year figure suggests continued value evolution, however, with August 2012 being £270 or 4.5% ahead of the same month last year, despite cars being on average older and higher mileage.

Within the individual product sectors, on-going supply issues meant values continued to rise. Average fleet and lease car values improved by £101 compared to July to reach a new record monthly value of £8,154. Year-on-year, the fleet & lease sector is significantly ahead and has posted double digit improvements for three months running.

Average part-exchange values increased by just £2 compared to July, but this also established a new high point of £2,951 and year-on-year figures are well ahead. Nearly-new values also posted a small improvement.




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