Pedal My Car

Pedal My Car

Vehicle delivery company called Pedal My Car travels to and from pick-up locations by bicycle, offering an affordable, economical and quick solution to city-wide vehicle delivery.

Our service allows busy professionals to keep their feet under the desk while we worry about taking their car to and from the garage. And, because we travel by bike and can relocate cars using just one cycle-driver, our service is incredibly cost-effective. Any other company would use 2 people and 2 cars to deliver a vehicle but Pedal My Car requires just one cyclist and one car.

Using a small, portable roof rack, our cyclists are able to mount their bikes to almost any vehicle (soft tops excluded) without leaving a trace. This leaves a dirty bike outside and keeps the inside of your car clean.

We also offer our services to garages in and around Edinburgh. If a garage can offer us enough custom to keep a cyclist busy, we can assign a cyclist to that garage exclusively.

As an Edinburgh-based start-up we have the benefit of living alongside the customers and garages we supply. This means we have an effective and professional set-up with a friendly and personal service. And by reducing the number of cars required per delivery we have obvious health benefits to our cyclists but we also have a positive effect on the traffic in our city.

Our deliveries start at £25 one-way and £40 return. Evening pick-ups quoted individually.

For our official launch week, if we deliver or collect a car from a garage we haven’t visited before, we will deliver the car FOR FREE.


For more information:

0131 202 1162