Top tips to insure your taxi for less: your guide to saving

Top tips to insure your taxi for less: your guide to saving

taxiFinding a solid taxi insurance policy may not seem like the easiest thing in the world. Nonetheless, with a few top tips and some forethought, you can get yourself a good deal to keep you, your mode of transport and – ultimately – your job intact. By looking online to get Staveley Head taxi insurance in the coming days, weeks or months, you too can save yourself a lot of money – so long as you know what you need, that is.

Using an insurance company that has years of experience in the world of taxis and by taking time to ensure that it is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), you will get peace of mind that the company is legitimate and the best for you. Of course, it is now possible to get quotes from a large number of brokers by using simple price comparison websites, though it is not necessarily best to go with the cheapest; after all, you may find yourself without cover, or with a huge premium to pay. Always prioritise the company that you trust the most, or the one with the best reviews.

A large number of taxi insurance companies can offer incentives, as well as specialised consultants who will help you make the best choice for you as a taxi driver or business operator. It is always good, for example, if you are provided with a wide variety of vehicle options, such as terms and conditions that can extend to taxis, minicabs and MPVs.

Others will provide specific insurance for black cabs in London, as well as their equivalents in other major cities across the UK. Licensed Hackney carriages could require different insurance when compared to taxis operating outside of inner cities, or simple private hire vehicles. New ventures are also often catered for separately, giving savings for the first few months if you are an average Joe operating on your own, or a large pilot scheme for a local area.

‘Any driver’ policies are also popular. This type of policy is perfect should the vehicle itself be driven by a large number of people – very handy if you are part of a fleet. Nonetheless, if there is only going to be one person driving a certain vehicle, this will naturally be far more cost-effective in both the short and long-term; this is because drivers are more trustworthy with vehicles they are much more used to. Insurance for those with a poor driving record may be targeted by other businesses looking to support larger businesses, though naturally premiums will be higher.

Other options that may help you save more money on taxi insurance premiums are definitely worth considering. There is the possibility of having a fleet policy for business with two or more taxis, for instance, though the additional number of vehicles required to qualify for this will vary between insurance companies. Many will class a fleet of taxis as just two or more, though others say that three, four or five may be required. By shopping around, you will undoubtedly find an insurance offering that will match your desires as an operator.

A row of taxisYou will understandably be interested in combining your policy with public liability insurance, too. This is because it is a legal requirement for a large number of local authorities, which will deny an organisation a contract to provide taxi services for them without this in place. After all, they want to look after their citizens!

Many insurance companies will also offer courtesy vehicles, should yours be forced off the road due to a crash, breakdown or other important tests like MOTs, which could impact quite heavily on income. After all, you will still want your taxi business to earn money. Emergency breakdown cover is often included, too, so that these periods can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Another cracking bonus that some taxi insurance companies offer is a ring back service. The day and time of receiving the phone call can be requested online to suit your working hours. Through these, firms can put you in touch with dedicated teams of consultants who specialise in the needs of taxi drivers at the cabin or on the move.

Finally, a number of general money-saving tips apply to taxi insurance, as they do with any insurance policy. While many people may see it easier and less stressful to spread the cost of insurance premiums on a month-to-month basis, buying a year of cover ahead of time in one payment could save a lot of money, particularly if it is covering several cars at once. Similarly, a large percentage of taxi specialists can offer insurance for just a week or a month, should there be a need to call in additional people – taking care of a special occasion, for example, or bringing in extra cover should public transport go down.

While this may seem like a large number of things to consider, specialist insurers will do their best to help you through the process. They want your business, after all.