Fill in the gaps with Diver

Fill in the gaps with Diver

Every aftermarket parts supplier will confirm that they are under constant pressure, both directly from their customers and indirectly from their competitors, to ensure that their product offering is as comprehensive as possible and that there are no ‘gaps’ in the range with parts that their competitors can offer, but they cannot.

To really be able to get on top of the ‘gap analysis’ process and tackle it with confidence, suppliers need to rely on reliable software working in conjunction with high quality data.

As well as providing arguably the most comprehensive and highly regarded electronic parts identification system in Europe, TecDoc also provides a host of additional packages to assist with an organisation’s product management process. One of these packages is the TecDoc DIVER data-reporting tool, which provides not just gap analysis, but full data analysis.

Shaun Greasley, Commercial Director for TecDoc UK and Ireland said: “We recognise the fact that our customers need many tools to keep their businesses performing at their best.

“TecDoc DIVER allows them to identify exactly which products in their portfolio have the potential for growth, but it also can bring to light those products that are underperforming, which is often even more difficult.

“The system helps users collect and analyse data in a very structured manner, which is the key to effective quality control. It will also permit both TecDoc data and other databases to be processed and uses ready-made templates to make the exercise very straightforward.

“The icing on the cake for users is that at the end of the 36-month licence agreement, the software becomes the property of the user and all that is required is a flat annual fee to maintain TecDoc’s full backup service.”

However, there is no need to simply take Shaun’s word for it, listen to the thoughts of Miten Parikh, Head of Products for automotive parts supplier Comline Auto Parts Ltd: “When we were updating our products on the system when we first became a TecDoc Data Supplier, gap analysis was a very time consuming task, so we had been looking for the best solution for the process for quite a few months and narrowed the choice down to three or four good alternatives. However, when we looked at DIVER, it was clear immediately that this was the package that we should be using.

“That decision was taken six months ago and we haven’t had a moments doubt that we did the right thing. The software is easy to use and is very straightforward and works equally well across all seven of our product groups. The data is so comprehensive that it will often identify more than one part that would be suitable for a particular application, as well as flagging other vehicles that the parts would also fit.

“Ultimately though, it’s all about the return of our investment on a product like this and we are pleased to say that our customers have noticed a significant improvement in our range coverage and satisfied customers are our future.

“We get an excellent backup service from the TecDoc team and as they know the product so well and there is so much quality data contained within TecDoc, DIVER is the perfect software.

“I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and DIVER is one of the most economical analysis software products I’ve ever used.”

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