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Winter Products

The Silencio HBladeValeo, one of the leading automotive component suppliers for the independent aftermarket, has launched its Silencio® HBlade®, an innovative new wiper blade combining elements of both conventional and Flat Blade technology.

The Silencio® HBlade®, with its distinctive design, is becoming a particularly popular choice for vehicle manufacturers whose models are based on Asian and Japanese platforms, although this new technology is also becoming present with European manufacturers.

The Silencio® HBlade® has the bow structure of a conventional blade, combined with a covering structure similar to the look of a Flat Blade and is made using high-quality rubber blade with a specific coating to provide a smooth and silent wipe.  The spoiler that covers the entire length of the blade creates an anti-wind-lift shape, reducing air resistance to enhance the technology’s overall aerodynamic performance.

This specific design is now available in 4 Silencio® Performance kits that cover 24 different vehicle models (for Mazda 6, Toyota Auris, Vauxhall Insignia andPeugeot 4007, for example). The Silencio HBlade® range will be extended with the latest vehicles that are equipped with HBlade® technology in OE during 2013.

The HBlade® completes the Silencio® portfolio of OE technologies, meaning you can now offer a like for like replacement across all technologies – conventional, Flat Blade and hybrid blade.

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wiper blades photoDENSO Aftermarket Sales UK is encouraging mechanics to familiarise themselves with the many types of wiper blades to ensure they are offering the best advice to drivers come the wet winter months.

DENSO’s Technical Expert, Alan Povey explains a few simple ways of identifying quality wiper blade types. He said: “At first glance most wiper blades all look the same, but on closer inspection there are a number of simple identifiers that easily separates quality blades from poor alternatives. It is essential to understand this difference, as wiper blades have an essential role to play in ensuring the safety of those in the vehicle. If the wipers should fail then visibility from the vehicle is greatly compromised, therefore it is essential to have wiper blades that perform to their maximum efficiency.”

Several points of contact
A good quality blade should have between six and eights points of contact along the blade. This enables maximum surface area contact, meaning the blade will be more effective. Poor quality blades can have as few as three points of contact, ultimately meaning that much of the blade length is wasted and inefficient at cleaning the windscreen, and therefore increasing the risk of accident.

Natural versus synthetic material
The material of which a wiper blade is made of is hugely important. Synthetic or composite materials are less stable and are prone to degrading quicker.  New rubber material is ideal for use as a wiper blade, as it is strong, flexible and long lasting. Synthetic materials may be cheaper but the long term value far outweighs the initial outlay for a rubber blade.

When considering the harness of the blade, look out for hard wearing metal rather than plastic casing. Plastics are not photostable; therefore constant exposure to sunlight will speed up the degradation of the plastic.

Thickness of blade harness
The blade harness is vital in ensuring the blade itself stays in place and maintains contact with the windscreen. A thicker harness provides additional support as opposed to a thin harness, which is often a characteristic of cheaper, poor quality alternatives.

Industry standards
All wiper blades sold in the UK must pass the industry standard of a 1000 hour salt water test. This test identifies areas of weakness such as corrosion of materials, weakening of connections and discolouration. Any blade that has not passed this test should not be used on a vehicle as they could ultimately compromise visibility.

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Whilst ACDelco’s organic product growth is emanating from across its entire UK aftermarket programme, General Manager Lee Quinney continues to be buoyed by the performance of the company’s beam and spoiler wiper blades. Introduced just over twelve months ago as part of ACDelco’s product offering dedicated to the field of servicing and repair, wiper blade sales are constantly exceeding targets month on month. What’s more, it is a product range that ACDelco is set to strengthen early next year with addition of a number of new flat blade part numbers.

“Whether it’s due to the fact that wipers are highly-visible retail product or the increasing strength of the ACDelco brand, this product range is proving to be particularly popular, just as it has been since it was launched. And now that the wiper season is upon us, we see no reason why they shouldn’t continue to fly off the shelf,” states an enthusiastic Lee.

Taking in some 47 part numbers – covering both beam and spoiler wiper blades – the range is supported by a 118-page parts catalogue that is available in hard printed format, electronically and via the website. Alongside an informative and logically laid out application section and numerical index, the catalogue clearly details required fitting instructions.

The latest wiper technology from ACDelco
The latest wiper technology from ACDelco

Incorporating single and twin blades, plus trade packs of ten, the ACDelco wiper product range has been selected to cover many of today’s leading and popular vehicle applications. Alongside universal blades that are available in 24”, 26” and 28”, are a number of universal spoilers, not to mention bespoke 24” and 26” derivatives. The workshop or trade packs of ten cover universal blades only.

Using the latest in wiper technology, ACDelco’s beam wiper blade with spoiler has a number of advanced features, including an easy-to-fit design, that help maintain optimum visibility for the driver in almost all driving conditions. The aerodynamic spoiler helps reduce wind lift whilst enhancing styling, the spring steel construction provides constant pressure for a uniform wipe and the overall design helps resist snow and ice build-up for exceptional all-weather performance.

Featuring 20% less packaging than most other wiper blades, the ACDelco range comes in eye catching, easy-to-stock, plastic clamshell packaging.

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