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Shocks, Steering & Suspension


Febi Live! Is febi’s online catalogue which makes finding the exact part you need quick and easy.

Febi Live! Offers wholesalers, motor factors and workshops an efficient, online catalogue which makes finding the exact part you need quick and easy. It covers all popular makes and models of vehicle manufacturers offering continuous updates and technical information for febi’s range of over 30,000 part numbers.

Ensure you get the right part every time with:

• Free VRM Lookup – A direct link to exact vehicle with Irish and UK vehicle registrations
• High Resolution product images – Visual reassurance for the part you need
• Technical Tips and information – Product Dimensions, Specifications and febi Exakts/Tips linked to each relevant part number
• Parts search – Ability to search a part by OE number
• New Products – Stay up to date with the latest product additions
• Feedback – to ensure that febi continues to meet your needs

Febi Live! Is packed full of features to make finding the exact part easy and for febi account holders there are even more features such as stock availability. You can have access to all this for free, no monthly subscription, no pay per search.

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FAI has just added another 60+ parts to its steering and suspension range. rsz_ss_parts_with_boxes_300dpi_

They are all available from stock now, all top quality and for the most modern vehicles on the road, with applications including the current Mazda 6, Audi A4, Toyota Avensis and Ford Focus.

The range now has over 4,500 proven parts with more being added every month. There will be literally hundreds of new part numbers available this year.



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KYB Corporation has been working closely with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd to develop a world-first direct adaptive steering system. KYB will supply the electronic control unit (ECU), gear assembly and reaction motor for the new system, which is fitted to the Skyline as the first vehicle in the world to go into production with this new technology fitted.

The new factory.
The new factory.

KYB has established an Electronics Technology Centre which will strengthen its electronics technology by concentrating a team for the design, evaluation and manufacturing technologies for electronic components.  KYB’s wholly owned subsidiary KYB Trondule Co. Ltd has established a dedicated factory for vehicle-use ECUs, which are currently under production.

A new production line has also been established for the assembly of reaction motors and gear assembly. Moving forward, KYB will have an integrated system for electronic components which covers from product development to the prototype, evaluation and mass production stages, further strengthening its development and manufacturing capabilities.

Conventional steering links the drivers request to the vehicles’ tyres via mechanical means. The direct adaptive steering system is intuitive to the driver. It feels the force the driver applies to the steering wheel and feeds it into the ECU, which at the same time takes information from the road about what the tyres are doing. The ECU processes all this information and only feeds back to the driver what he needs to know. In real terms this means the steering wheel doesn’t vibrate or jump, it stays still. The front wheels respond to even subtle changes in course.

KYB manufactures original equipment power steering pumps for a wide range of vehicle manufacturers.  KYB has worked with Nissan for many years and this partnership to work on an innovative new technology is a further development in this strong partnership.



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