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Ignition and Components

Ignition specialist NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd has released its new 2017 NTK sensors catalogue, packed with all the information customers need to know about its market-leading range.

The latest publication features 39 new Lambda sensors which, with an additional 212 application lines, takes the total application lines for Lambdas to 5130.

Full details of the NTK engine management range of Lambda, exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS), and NOx sensors, are featured in the 192-page new catalogue which can be downloaded from the NGK website at

Mark Hallam, Marketing Manager, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “The NTK range of sensors continues to grow with some important new Lambda sensors being added to our already impressive offering. The paper catalogue has fewer pages than the previous catalogue as we have redesigned it so there is less wasted space, but it still provides all the necessary information our distributors and their workshop customers require.

“I’m sure that they will find it a great source of invaluable information whether they consult the paper format or if they download it from our website.”

In addition to NTK sensors, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd is an original equipment (OE) supplier of

spark plugs and glow plugs, plus a comprehensive range of ignition coils to satisfy the requirements of the UK and Ireland independent automotive aftermarket.


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Towards the end of 2011, Blue Print introduced a short range of gas struts as a result of the feedback received on high failure applications. Now, this range has been expanded to over 165 references which cover 550 popular UK applications.Blue Print Magazine DEC 2013.indd

Gas struts are used for boot lids, glass openings and some vehicle’s bonnets. Gas struts are among some of the most highly stressed components on a vehicle and often experience daily, repetitive use. Over time they lose their effectiveness, meaning they are not able to hold the boot or bonnet fully open, finally resulting in total failure.

Check the struts on every vehicle every time and always replace them in pairs – they are an easy fix that creates additional revenue and satisfied customers.



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Lucas imageLUCAS Diesel has launched a brand new 2013 Catalogue, complete with full OE cross referencing and a buyers‘ guide.

The range now includes 14 new part numbers, covering many new applications, including those for some of the newest vehicles on the road.

LUCAS Diesel is one of the oldest names synonymous with ignition for diesel applications. LUCAS glow plugs ensure that your engine starts first time even in cold weather. The post glow ensures there is sufficient heat in the combustion chamber to burn off all the fuel, thus reducing any black exhaust smoke.

Made in Europe in one of the most modern and technically advanced plants, LUCAS plugs match OE quality and every plug Is 100% factory tested.

All LUCAS glow plugs are covered by a two-year warranty against failure. LUCAS glow plugs offer a wide range with excellent coverage for European and Asian vehicles.

For more information: 08708 391833 or