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Nebula Systems’ Alan Kromholc (CTO) and Roman Di Lullo (CEO).

A UK firm, Nebula Systems, has picked up this year’s prestigious TU-Automotive award for Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service – after being nominated for best newcomer just two-years-ago.

Nebula Systems, part of the RAC group of companies, won the accolade for their cloud diagnostic platform MECH5. The Buckingham-based company acquired by the RAC in 2016, is a specialist in developing cloud-based diagnostic tools for the motor repair industry.

The award-winning MECH5 product has proved to be highly disruptive in the market due to its cloud-based model and diagnostic capability, giving the local garage mechanic the kind of tools usually only available at large dealer centres.

The diagnostic capability at the heart of the MECH5 product is now in the advanced stages of integration into RAC telematics units.

Nebula Systems saw off strong competition from within the sector to pick up the award, which was announced at a ceremony in Novi, Detroit USA on June 6th.

The TU-Automotive awards represent the highlight of the year for the connected car industry with each award category being judged by an array of influential industry experts.

Nebula Systems CEO Roman Di Lullo, in his acceptance speech, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled for MECH5 to be recognised by the industry in this way especially since it was only two years ago that we were nominated for newcomer of the year.

“We have some very exciting new services in the pipeline that have MECH5 at their core so we’re very much looking forward to launching them in the near future.”

RAC Connected Solutions MD Nick Walker added: “We are absolutely delighted for the Nebula founders that they have won this award. It reinforces the decision at RAC to invest in Nebula. But more importantly it gives our Connected solution a further lead.”


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Make long-term savings with Blue Print and get FREE software updates for three years when you purchase a G-Scan2.rsz_g-scan_2_base

Blue Print’s brand new promotion offers a whole extra year’s software subscription free of charge, with any G-Scan2 purchases that are registered throughout March and April. Blue Print provides a smart investment with long term savings – Pay one up-front cost and then pay nothing for three whole years, keeping you covered longer than most other makes.

Affordable, reliable, and now with even more savings, get yourself a G-Scan2 from the 1st March-30th April 2016 through Blue Print.


What’s included:

  • Three year’s free software updates
  • Two-year warranty (Excludes the li-ion battery, which is covered by a one-year warranty)
  • Coverage of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • 12v & 24v vehicles supported
  • Extensive vehicle coverage


Blue Print is the official importer and distributor to the UK and Ireland for G-Scan. Offering 100% OEM developed software on Hyundai and Kia vehicles and near-OEM functionality on other Korean and Japanese vehicles, G-Scan has been named the “best-selling scan tool in Japan.”

It also provides competitive coverage for many European and American vehicles – an area which is constantly being developed.

The G-Scan2 is a formidable tool that every garage would benefit from. Whether you need to code/re-code a component, carry out a DPF regen or calibrate a new sensor, you can do it all with the G-Scan2 from Blue Print – plus much, much more.


Technical Features:

  • Full colour 7” high resolution sunlight readable LCD touch screen
  • Super-fast triple processor for high speed performance
  • Instant boot-up from stand-by mode and fast boot-up from ‘fully off’
  • No software timeout or hidden catch-up fees on updates
  • Built in 4” Osciloscope and multimeter (Lite and Asian models)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for cable free updates and wireless printing
  • Data-logging and recording functions
  • Future updates (after three years) are only £295+VAT a year with no hidden time-out or catch-up fees.

Come and visit us at Automechanika Birmingham on stand 9L11, to see the G-Scan2 in action. With back-up and support from our UK based technical team – G-Scan2 and Blue Print have got you covered.



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Clipboard01The new 15.4 software upgrade from Snap-on extends the capabilities of garages by allowing them to work on more vehicles, systems and engines than ever before with their handheld diagnostic tools.

This latest upgrade has seen Snap-on’s diagnostic software coverage grow in all directions, adding new vehicles and systems, but also back-filling content on older vehicles.

As well as extending the vehicles and systems covered, 15.4 has also seen Suzuki added to the Auto ID function, bringing the number of manufacturers that can be accessed this way to 19.

The code scan and clear all functions have been brought up to date and now extend to 2014 models, all helping to make technicians’ jobs quicker and simpler than ever before.

Every release of software from Snap-on includes a huge wealth of information that grows at an enormous rate.

This upgrade alone adds 88 new engines and 68,000 new codes, ensuring technicians’ Snap-on diagnostic tools stay right up to date with the latest and best information to help them deal with today’s continually-developing vehicles as well as older models.

Component Test Meter (CTM) capability has been improved even further in 15.4 with the addition of new Nissan and Mazda coverage, bringing the content right up to 2015 and including ABS control module information, inclusive of tests, meaning there are now 35,677 tests in CTM alone.

An integral part of the CTM content is the ‘New Technology Classes’, which help guide the technician through some of the more challenging subjects in diagnostics. New classes include Stop/Start technology, Forced Induction, MAF Calculation, Spark Ignition Engine Emissions, and Running Compressions Waveform.

Functional tests are key components in Snap-on’s software and help users diagnose and identify faults, as well as assisting in fixing the vehicle.

The 15.4 upgrade includes more than 2000 new functional tests, extending the total number in Snap-on’s software to well beyond 25,000. Some of the highlights of the latest additions include diesel injector coding with new additions for Honda, Hyundai, PSA and Suzuki; coverage for rear brake adjustment for Ford B-Max, C-Max, Fiesta and Focus; immobiliser key programming for Honda; ‘Active Hood System’ for Kia; and adaptive front lighting calibration tests for Mazda.

Technicians can ensure that they always keep their Snap-on diagnostic machines up to date with the aid of a software subscription program, meaning their units are upgraded with the twice-yearly software updates – and all at a cost of a third less than buying the updates individually.

In addition, Snap-on’s free PC-based ShopStream Connect software program further extends the capabilities of the handheld tools by allowing users display up to create custom print-outs of data, display up to 16 graphs on screen at once and share their diagnostic readings with other ShopStream Connect users, among a wide range of other benefits.

It also gives users who are on Snap-on’s software subscription package the ability to download the two annual software updates the moment they are released, rather than them having to be manually added by the customer’s Snap-on Franchisee.


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