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750_garageCongratulations to Banwell Garage in North Somerset for becoming our 750th Pagid Proud to Fit garage. The garage is run in association with Thatchway Motorsport, a local motorsport team that specialises in the preparation and running of track-day and race vehicles.

Ed Lane of Banwell Garage commented: “Here at Banwell Garage, our first choice of braking product is always Pagid – our customers love the 25k mile and 25 month warranty that’s offered when Pagid is supplied and fitted to their vehicle.

The range is vast with great coverage over all vehicle makes and models, with Pagid product available even for a large number of the more prestigious brands and marques of vehicle that we have a chance to look after.

Most importantly Pagid braking products are fit and forget for us here, with next to no return to workshop after fitting.

A handy selling tip that we use here is making customers aware of the fact that Pagid is the first choice for the majority of leading vehicle manufacturers, essentially the same quality product that VAG, Mercedes, Porsche, Vauxhall and Toyota sell in their dealerships, but available from us at a fraction of the price.”


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This great video shows exactly why it’s worth knowing where your brake parts are from.

If someone buys cheap imports, where will they go back to if there’s an issue? If they get a chance to go back that is!

At Pagid we never outsource the manufacture of our brake pad friction – it’s made for Europe in Europe. Trust Pagid.


Alba Diagnostics – renowned worldwide for their brake fluid testing and brake bleeding equipment, have now created three ‘Essential’ packages each containing the ‘essential’ elements required in order to provide a brake fluid test and change service.

Brake fluid is designed with a very high boiling point, to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures generated during braking. However, it has one major drawback – it absorbs moisture over time (ie. It is Hygroscopic).

Moisture in brake fluid, reduces the boiling point, which reduces its ability to withstand high temperatures. This increases the risk of “brake fade”: under heavy braking conditions the brake fluid boils, turns to vapour, and the brake pedal goes straight to the floor with no braking action. This is known as “vapour-lock”.

That’s why brake fluid is known as the “silent killer”. It is a safety critical item, but how many car owners ever ask to have their brake fluid checked? A brake fluid test could potentially save them from accidents, and for the garage, it’s a service and revenue earning opportunity.

The Alba ‘Essential’ packages contain everything a garage would need to be able to offer a complete brake fluid test, and if necessary, brake fluid change service. Three packages are offered, aimed at differing levels of requirement and investment:

• Essentials 1 – the ‘affordable’ package, aimed at workshops who are likely to need to provide a service perhaps once a week.
• Essentials 2 – the ‘professional’ package, aimed at workshops who require equipment suitable for use on a daily basis.
• Essentials 3 – the ‘ultimate’ package, aimed at workshops who need to be able to offer an OEM equivalent service.

All three packages consist of Brake Fluid Tester, Pressure Brake Bleeder (model varies dependant on package) and accessories kit with fluid collection bottle, top-up syringe, multi-vehicle cap, and a selection of vehicle specific caps.

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