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Air Conditioning

Great news for hay fever and allergy sufferers – Fortron have developed a revolution in natural anti-bacterial cleansing for your vehicle.


Killing off germs, odours and chemical fumes that lurk on surfaces and circulate through the air conditioning system, Fortron’s Ozone Generator uses an organic process to destroy bacteria permanently.

Using technology based on the earth’s natural filtration process, the Ozone Generator combines electricity and air, producing only oxygen as a by-product. Unlike sanitising liquids, the generator reaches ALL of the areas that bacteria can breed.

Portable and easy to use, the Fortron Ozone Generator is the perfect addition to any car dealership, independent garage, valet company, second hand car dealerships or car rental agency.


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Snap-on Diagnostics, world leaders in diagnostic equipment and service solutions for vehicle air conditioning systems, has announced the introduction of its new Sun KoolKare Dual Gas Unit, a fully automatic air conditioning station for recovering, recycling and recharging both the old R134a and the new R1234YF refrigerants.

The need to now have the ability to handle both refrigerant types is essential following the introduction of the new EU directive of 1 January 2011. This confirmed that air conditioning systems which contain fluorinated greenhouse gases with a GWP value >150 shall be retrofitted to vehicle Type-Approved from that date. R1234YF is the solution the vehicle manufacturers came up with. Service units for R134a will still be indispensable for a very long time but garages will increasingly be dealing with R1234YF.

Leading ‘trade only’ treatment specialists, Forté has spearheaded its sales department with the appointment of a new UK Sales Manager. Matt Stephens boasts 24 years’ experience in the motor trade and joins during a time when Forté is enjoying one of its best ever starts to a year.

The business has just enhanced its products and services with the launch of its brand new Air Conditioning Steriliser and Deodoriser, a product that allows garages to decontaminate disused air conditioning systems. What’s more, it ended last year on a high with the evolution of its tetra bottle packaging, making formula vehicle treatments much easier to apply. As the business continues to improve its reputation for excellence throughout 2012, Matt will be strengthening relationships with buyers and associates and making more garages aware of the impressive Forté range of products.