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Euro Car Parts has confirmed, that it is in support of maintaining the current 3-1-1 MoT test. Joining industry voices such as the IAAF, Euro Car Parts has voiced concerns that road users’ safety will be compromised if the date of a car’s first MoT is extended to four years.

To draw public attention to the issue, Euro Car Parts has registered an official government petition to urge decision-makers to rethink the proposed changes to current MoT legislation. The company is asking workshops to sign the petition, or to respond to the government’s online consultation, to highlight the level of concern.

Official figures from 2015-2016 reveal that around 17% of cars fail their first MoT on their initial attempt, so extending a car’s first MoT to four years could result in an extra 411,958 unsafe cars on the roads and risk higher accident rates. The current three-year-for-first MoT system ensures vehicle defects are picked up and remedied quickly, to ensure the safety of all road users.

In 2016, technicians identified over 400,000 potentially fatal vehicle defects, including 24,628 suspension failures and 47,138 brake failures. In the same year, 92,938 fewer car accidents were recorded in the UK compared to the same 2005 statistics, a result that has been attributed to improved vehicle safety, a standard that is enforced by the current MoT system.

Furthermore, 85,720 failures on cars taking their first MoT are due to tyres. Tyresafe, in partnership with Highways England, found that millions of motorists only replace tyres when required in order to pass the MoT. If the MoT deadline is extended by an additional year, this could mean 28,573 extra unsafe tyres on UK roads.

Martin Gray, CEO Euro Car Parts said: “The MoT picks up safety critical problems and ensures defects are put right, so that the owner is driving a car that can protect them properly. The current MoT test is proven to improve road safety standards, so we should be looking to support a system that is working rather than change something that has shown good results in recent years.

“While the impact of the proposed change on businesses like Euro Car Parts is minimal, the wider implications for the industry are significant. There are more than 29 million MoT tests carried out at 22,000 garages every year, so moving to a four-year MOT proposal represents a real threat to jobs. This is a concern not just for the aftermarket but for the broader UK economy.”

To sign the petition to keep the current first MoT test at three years, visit:


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Changes to the driving test which are due to come into force on 4 December could present a significant opportunity for workshops and garages, according the UK’s leading alloy wheel protection system manufacturer.

In the new test, the much-feared “reverse around a corner” manoeuvre has been scrapped, a move which AlloyGator believes could lead to even more damaged wheels.

“It’s not uncommon for even the most experienced of drivers to scrape their wheels along the kerb, especially when reversing around a corner or performing a parking manoeuvre, causing unsightly damage,” comments Curt Rathbone, managing director, AlloyGator. “With these moves being scrapped from the driving test, it’s possible that the standards of basic car control from new drivers may fall as they may be unfamiliar performing such moves. Without this experience, accidental damage to alloy wheels could therefore become even more common when they have passed their test and are driving in real world conditions.”

Indeed, according to figures published by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, control during the reverse park manoeuvre, has been one of the top ten reasons for failing a driving test every year since 2006.

To help both learner and experienced drivers alike prevent costly and unsightly damage to their alloy wheels, AlloyGator’s super tough nylon protection system sits between the alloy wheel and tyre, reducing the risk of damage to the rim caused by scuffs against kerbs. Available in a range of 15 colours, from discrete black and silver to bolder options including red, yellow and even glow-in-the-dark, they can be fitted on wheels from 12 to 24 inches in size.

Workshops joining AlloyGator’s approved fitting network are supported with a comprehensive range of marketing resources, technical back-up and next day delivery service.


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Oil manufacturer rounds off its winter sports involvement with matches held in Germany and France.

Grand finale for LIQUI MOLY’s extensive program of winter sports sponsorship. The German oil specialist is the Official Sponsor of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. It is due to be held in Germany and France during the month of May. “The World Championship is the last major international winter sports event this season. The nations involved are all very important markets to us,” said LIQUI MOLY Marketing Director Peter Baumann.

All northern European countries are competing in the World Championship, along with France, Italy, Switzerland and six teams from Eastern Europe. “Russia is by far our biggest export market, while North America is the market where we see huge potential and want to achieve good growth,” says the Marketing Director. In all of these countries, ice hockey is either very popular or a national sport.

The championship ties held in Russia in 2016 were watched in stadiums by nearly 420,000 spectators, while broadcasts in 167 countries brought the event to almost 1.3 billion television viewers. In 2010, nearly 550,000 people went to stadiums to see the last world championship held in Germany. At the two world championship arenas in Cologne and Paris, the company logo will be seen on a rinkside board in the area behind one of the goals which is visible on television, and it will also appear on all official printed materials and partition walls, as well as in the advertising clips shown on the stadium cubes.

To be held in Germany and France from May 5 – 21, the tournament further expands a LIQUI MOLY winter sports sponsorship package worth millions of euros, bringing the current season to a close. The package as whole has included a range of other international contests in Europe, North America and Asia. “In this way we have introduced millions of spectators to LIQUI MOLY – people we wouldn’t otherwise reach with our involvement in motor racing,” said Peter Baumann.


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