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HMG Paints Ltd and Manchester Communication Academy have worked together to create a pioneering project to encourage the entrepreneurial ambitions of the students of Harpurhey, Manchester.

Managing Director John Falder and MCA Young Entrepreneurs.
Managing Director John Falder and MCA Young Entrepreneurs.

The project will see eight students from Manchester Communication Academy aged between 15 and 16 visit HMG Paints on a weekly basis to receive hands-on experience of working within the coatings industry. The students will be given the opportunity to work closely with HMG employees, learning about the manufacturing process, sales, research and development, and marketing.

100 eager candidates from MCA applied for the project, before the number was narrowed down to 18 excellent students. These students were put through a rigorous selection process incorporating interviews and group tasks that were designed to gauge their business acumen. Eventually, the eight outstanding entrepreneurial candidates were selected for the scheme, which will begin in January 2014.

The aim of the partnership will not only be to develop eight talented individuals from the local area, but also lead to future career opportunities within the company, focusing on new technologies.

One of the eight selected students, Gagandeep Kaur, was thrilled to have been chosen for the project – “I’m really looking forward to a future with HMG, it will be a wonderful experience and something to enjoy and learn from. I really can’t wait to get started.

John Falder, Managing Director of HMG Paints and Vice President of the British Coatings Federation (BCF), is particularly excited about what the future holds. “HMG Paints has a long history of developing its staff and also supporting our local schools and universities. This project is in keeping with the BCF’s training objectives as well as potentially unearthing a number of prodigiously entrepreneurial students for a future career at HMG and within the coatings industry”.

This partnership is a result of a long term relationship between the Academy and HMG Paints. In October, HMG supplied the school with 100 litres of coloured decorative emulsion paint for the Harpurhey and North Manchester Handmade Film Festival. The paint was used by Academy staff and students to create a colourful Manchester street scene that provided attendees with a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Principal of Manchester Communication Academy Lynne Heath believes that the current project and relationship should be valued by both students and staff. “This is the perfect example of how businesses and education can work together in a partnership to give students a real-life experience that benefits all involved.”


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Screen-Shot-2013-11-29-at-11.53Productivity and profit in the body shop depends on paint guns being clean. Dirty guns mean re-work and re-work means no profit.

For many years the body shop market has,?in the main, used poorly designed paint gun cleaners in the wrong way and the results are wasted time and a high risk of re-work. Couple that with a system of cleaning fluid supply and changeover that is based on the calendar rather than effective usage and you add more to your costs. On top of all that the inefficient use of cleaning fluids means that your waste disposal costs will also increase. All in all a hidden cost centre inside your business that adds to your costs each and every day. …Read More



Car paint is usually only ever seen as a hardened coating on a vehicle. When photographer Ralf Richter set out to shoot the images for the 2014 Standox Calendar entitled Pure Colour, he wanted to explore the dynamic, fluid properties of paint and to create a new way to look at the coating. rsz_sas_-_web_-_automotive_paint_as_youve_never_seen_it_before_the_2014_calendar_from_standox_-_pic

Working with a computer animation team, Richter first developed a series of highly complex animations from which he eventually picked the visuals for the calendar. His focuses on detail and unashamedly playful approach have resulted in fascinating images.

The calendar images show cars being hit by large waves of liquid paint. Richter experiments with unexpected perspectives and dimensions, using surreal lighting and many different colours, making the images unusual and appealing. Captured in mid-motion, the images are designed to make the viewer want to hit an imaginary “play” button to see how the scene unfolds.

In addition to their impressive visual effects, the images encourage the viewer to see paint in a different way. The pigments and particles that create the now-familiar metallic effects are for instance shown magnified several million times. In some of the images the vehicles are hardly recognisable with only small details visible – the paint takes centre-stage.


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