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Farecla Mini PolisherLeading compound manufacturer and refinishing expert Farécla has up-graded the popular FG-Minipol polisher to make it even more efficient and robust. A number of innovative improvements have been made to the cordless machine which is ideally suited for SMART and mobile repairs.  Among the changes are an improved efficiency 4-pole motor which has a higher top speed as well as a variable speed to avoid spraying polishing compound during start up.

Other enhancements to the product specification of the FG-Minipol are that it requires only 20 minutes charge time and has 20% more running time per battery charge. A battery status display warns when charge is getting low. The FG-Minipol is also brushless so no consumables are required. The compact size of this polisher makes it perfect for small area polishing and the convenient two positioned side handle is designed for easy operation.

Other new features include rubber boots to protect tools from exterior damage and lithium-ion batteries which have a number of advantages over Ni-Cd ones.

The lithium-ion batteries are more lightweight, eco-friendly, have a greater capacity and can be partially charged with no adverse effect on the battery life. They are also operable in temperatures from -20oC to +60oC which means the polisher can be used all year round and they have a low self-discharge rate – up to 80% capacity retained after six months storage.

The FG-Minipol polisher is sold as a complete kit with plastic carry case containing polisher, charger, spare battery, two back plates plus lambs wool pad and polishing pad.


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Atlas Copco cutmypicAtlas Copco Compressors has launched a new Kiosk app for tablets and desktop computers that provides users with easy access to interactive product leaflets and an innovative energy savings calculator tool. Free to download for iOS and Android tablets, as well as PC/Mac computers, the Kiosk app is available in several languages and features detailed information, including interactive animations and specification data, on a wide variety of Atlas Copco Compressor products.

A special feature of the new Kiosk app is the innovative energy savings calculator tool, which enables users to discover the unprecedented energy savings offered by Atlas Copco’s new generation of GA 7-15 kW VSD+ compressors. By indicating current energy costs per Kilowatt hour (kWh), users can quickly and easily find out how much energy and money can be saved by switching from a traditional fixed speed compressor to a GA VSD+ compressor, which is capable of providing comparable energy savings of up to 50%.

Alongside this useful calculator tool, the Kiosk app provides users with access to interactive leaflets containing detailed information on a variety of Atlas Copco Compressor products, including the latest oil-injected rotary screw compressors, such as the GA 7-15 kW VSD+ compressor range, compressed air filters, nitrogen and oxygen generators and vacuum pumps.

Once installed, the Kiosk app displays all available leaflets and calculation tools on a bookshelf, which users can then quickly download and access. By clicking on a leaflet users are able to access detailed information on specific features of each product range, including interactive animations. For instance, the leaflet for the new GA 7-15 VSD+ compressor range features an interactive 360° view that makes it possible to visualise all the innovative features of the new compressor, including its innovative fan, Elektronikon controller, robust oil filter/separator, electronic no-loss water chain and VSD+ cubicle. Once downloaded, all leaflets and the calculator tool can be accessed offline and users can also click to receive push notifications when the latest versions are published.

To download the app for free, visit: Apple App Store, Google Play or there is also a PC/Mac version available for download from the Atlas Copco website. Go to, then to “media”, “multimedia” and then “apps”.

CödeClean photoCödeClean, the UK’s number one choice for prestige vehicle detailing, has announced the launch of their highly anticipated and innovative Premier 40% Carnauba Wax; a quality liquid wax blend that allows application in all weather conditions and in direct sunlight. It’s been tested with no adverse effect on body panels that reached in excess of 150 °F; something no other wax can do.

Whether it’s scorching hot, freezing cold or even raining, CödeClean’s Premier 40% Carnauba Wax has been formulated to make life easy and can be applied to an entire car in well under 30 minutes. No more waiting for the right time to apply, no more worries about over applying product, no more hassle with overspill. Simply wipe on, then wipe off, for 3 months protection, it’s as easy as that.

Premier 40% Carnauba Wax is safe to use on all surfaces, from painted finishes to glass, chrome and rubber trim and will leave behind a protected finish and long lasting, deep gloss shine. Because it contains no chalky fillers or harsh abrasives, it won’t leave behind any residue or dust, regardless of the amount used or the ambient temperature.

CödeClean believe their wax is the easiest to use and most versatile wax available, and at just £15 for 500ml, one of the most cost effective too. CödeClean also offer a no quibble money back guarantee on all products.

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